Keep political posts relevant to Catholicism/religion

Political posts can be worked onto the AQ board. In fact we do it all the time. Tom’s post regarding Mosques is a good  example of how to work political type posts onto the board. So are other posts with known Catholic authors , religious subject matter etc.

That said, we are not a political or “issues of the day” type of site. Please do not to post articles or vanity posts that have nothing whatsoever to do with our subject matter.

As the presidential election goes forward and gets progressively heated, keep this in mind and try to keep it topical.

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One comment on “Keep political posts relevant to Catholicism/religion

  1. Well, I know this isn’t a warning meant for me. I know nothing of politics separated from religion. A discussion of the Dow’s daily drama is only a breakdown of the assault on the sheep by the Wall Street wolf pack, making the next abortion and the next divorce all the more likely. Etc. Etc. There isn’t any political event that does not affect God’s children’s chances of getting to heaven. Where it is harder to be Catholic, more souls are lost. That’s the math. But I always bring the religion part in, so I think I’m safe from rebuke on this score.

    My sci phi fi book (that’s science philosophy fiction) Run is totally politics and totally religion–they set up a Catholic state on the High Frontier. That’s what I want here on Earth.

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