Louie Verrecchio Lays It Right on the Line

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One comment on “Louie Verrecchio Lays It Right on the Line

  1. “A gathering of the world’s bishops to discuss doctrine….”

    Louie is spot on. This is a nonsense. Doctrine has been defined and explained over 2000 years by God’s Holy Catholic Church, based on the Old Testament Scriptures, Our Lord, His Apostles and their teaching, as passed down in the New Testament Scriptures, and through the Magisterium.

    The idea that a gathering of bishops could in any way define new doctrine or change established doctrine is heresy.

    The great Councils of the Church were called to give a precise definition to different theological facts – never, not once, did one of the great Council’s try and overthrow established doctrine or change it in any way. They did fight heretical ideas and banish them, and they could also clarify doctrines that were still vaguely understood.

    But Church teaching makes clear that no NEW doctrine is possible. Doctrinal revelation stopped with the closing of the Canon of the New Testament.

    When the Pope defined the doctrines of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption he made it perfectly clear, as Catholics have been at pains to explain to Protestants, that he was simply explicitly stating what was found in the constant teaching of the Church from the time of Our Lord and was also completely compatible with Holy Scripture.

    However, what we have seen in the last 60 years is an attempt to allow local churches (whatever that means) and gatherings of bishops, to redefine doctrines. To basically create their own theology and make God in their own image. This is not just a new type of Protestantism, it is gross heresy.

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