John Vennari: Francis Poised to “Decentralize” the Church

Dismantle: Church Restructure through Synodality – the “Decentrlization” Francis Seems Poised to Impose


Dismantle: Church Restructure through Synodality
The Destructive Program for “Decentralization” Francis Seems Poised to Impose

By John Vennari

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Note: This is an updatd excerpt from what appeared in the May, 2015 Catholic Family News. It helps lay out the dynamic now in place at October Synod.

During the 2015 Ordinary Synod, we’ve heard discussion of the possiblity of “regionalism,” that is, allowing national bishops conferences to decide diverse “pastoral policies” regarding the Eucharist for the divorced and civiliy remarried, cohabitation and even homosexuality. In an October 15 interview, Raymond Cardinal Burke rightly said that the proposed “regional diversity” is ” simply contrary to Catholic Faith and life. ”

Yet Pope Francis himself in an October 17 speech brandished his resolve to “decentralize” the Church, even if he has to impose this decentralization from the top down, which would be a perfiduous abuse of authority.[1]

This un-Catholic “regionalism” and de-centralization did not appear suddently at the Synod, it has a history.

“Decentralization” and Church Restructure

A destructive new program now in the works, which had been flying under the radar of most concerned Catholics, but is now coming to light by means of the Synod now undersay. It is the proposed radical restructure of the Church based on the modernist thinking of Cardinal Martini, Cardinal Lehmann, Cardinal Danneels, Cardinal Kasper, Archbishop John Quinn, and yes, even Jorge Bergoglio. This new program is the basis for the “regionalism” now being voiced at the 2015 Synod on the Family.

Anyone who is familiar with the St. Gallen group will know what I’m talking about.

This group was quietly formed in 1999 during the administration of John Paul II.

In order to prevent what they consider to be meddlesome interference from the Vatican, the St. Gallen group worked for a fuller development of Vatican II’s teaching on collegiality and synodality, with the ultimate aim of giving Bishops’ conferences more autonomy from Rome.

Proposals include granting national bishops conferences full doctrinal authority, the freedom to choose and appoint their own bishops, final say over liturgical questions and more.

In short, the radicals want to unleash on Church structure the same destructive force they unleashed on the Mass following Vatican II.

Ultimately, this restructuring is for the unopposed proliferation of even more heterodox doctrine, morals and pastoral practice. The post-Conciliar synods are a major force, brandished with zeal under the Bergoglio pontificate, to achieve this end.

The St. Gallen Group

The St. Gallen group is a cadre of bishops organized by Bishop Ivo Furere from the diocese of St. Gallen, Switzerland, who are working towards more collegiality and synodality in the Church.[2]

Its members comprise a who’s who of contemporary modernist prelates:

• the late Jesuit Cardinal Carlo Martini of Milan;
• Cardinal Godfried Danneels of Belgium;
• Cardinal Lehmann of Mainz;
• Cardinal Walter Kasper of Germany;
• Cardinal Comac Murphy-Conner of England;
• The thoughts and ideas of Archbishop John Quinn, author of the best-selling progressivist book, The Reform of the Papacy.

These prelates are modernists, all; heterodox, all; perfidious, all, scandalous, all; Vatican II enthusiasts, all; deadly committed to their revolution, all.

And they appear to be some of Papa Bergoglio’s favorite thinkers.

For example, Francis has lavished unqualified praise on Cardinal Martini and Cardinal Kasper, two of the boldest radicals of our time.[3]

Likewise, in 2012, while still Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Bergoglio told Archbishop Quinn, that he had read Quinn’s book [The Reform of the Papacy], and is hoping that what it proposes will be implemented. [4]

The Saint Gallen group contains prelates who chaffed at Pope John Paul II and his allegedly conservative manner in governing the Church.

For example, Pope John Paul and Cardinal Ratzinger insisted that when Bishops held their national conferences and issued statements, Rome still needed to review what they produce, and either approve or disapprove their final documents before release; Liturgical translations also needed to be cleared with Rome before publication; the Vatican may step in an censure of radical theologian, even if that theologian enjoys the support of the national episcopate, etc. St. Gallen prelates disdain this as bothersome papal intrusion.


These same St. Gallen bishops were horrified to hear Cardinal Ratzinger, then-head of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, insist that the universal Church is “ontologically prior” to the local Church,[5] and thus needs guidance by the universal pastor, the Pope.

St. Gallen group prelates, along with Bergoglio, believe we need a further development of the Council’s teaching on collegiality, a more decentralization of power.

Collegiality and synodality, is a necessary development order to become a more horizontal Church, rather than an “orders coming from the top-down” Church. They call for the world’s bishops to be more involved in decision-making, including doctrinal, liturgical and pastoral issues.

This modernist collegiality effectively denies the Pope’s “primacy of jurisdiction,” as reiterated in Pope Leo XIII’s Encyclical, Satis Cognitum and countless other magisterial teachings.

As any right-thinking Catholic recognizes, the proposed horizontalization and “decentralization” can only result in the further fragmentation of the Catholic Faith worldwide. It is a blueprint for the emergence of national churches, the proliferation of contradictory doctrine and pastoral practice from nation-to-nation, all loosely joined in an alleged “reconciled diversity” (Cardinal Kasper’s term), which sounds the death-knell of the immutability, stability, unity, and universality of the Catholic Faith.

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9 comments on “John Vennari: Francis Poised to “Decentralize” the Church

  1. For the last 60 years loyal Catholics have struggled against liberal and even heretical LOCAL BISHOPS!

    The loyal Catholics, after being horrified at numerous, gross, liturgical and sacramental abuses, have been told that at least Rome is true to the Faith and that they should take their complaint to Rome. It has usually been useless, because Rome has done almost nothing, but at least the loyal Catholics could appeal to the rules and rubrics and quote official statements from Rome in their battle with local authorities.

    Now, in what I see as perhaps the most sinister and disastrous move of this present Papacy, the Pope is going to put even more power into the hands of local bishops, who are often nothing more than agnostically inclined, left wing paganists.

    It is also quite likely that the Pope is doing this to allow non Catholic practices, such as Holy Communion for re married divorces, into the Church through the back door. He would be handing over to the German episcopate exactly what they asked for.

    This idea of Pope Francis, if being reported correctly, would spell the end of the Catholic Church.

    • We’ve had as many as three “popes” at once, popes who’ve bribed their electors, popes who’ve had children via mistresses and a pope who dug up the skeleton of his predecessor just to “try” him (in papal vestments, btw) and then order his bones smashed and thrown into the Tiber.

      Those separate instances covered quite a span of time and yet the Church never failed to exist, to teach and to provide the Sacraments.

      The Church is a supernatural society. What mere time-servers do to drag Her through the mud is of little consequence since the True Faith is to this moment being transmitted faithfully, studied copiously, prayed with fidelity and reverence and Her Sacraments are being given to poor sinners unto salvation.

      Deo gratias for our traditional priests and their co-operators, even among the Nervous Odor regime.

      Whether this Jesuit chemistry teacher-turned-Peronist pope ends up cutting out paper dolls in a padded cell, running a taco stand back in Buenos Aires or lives out his remarkably weird life as the “bishop of Rome,” God is not mocked.

      And payback is a real b_____, as his co-conspirators and cheerleaders will someday learn if they do not repent, resign and spend the rest of their days mucking out stalls in a Carthusian monastery.

      • Currently we have two popes: Francis and Benedict XVI (in retirement).

        If as rumored or speculated that in 2016 Francis will resign and return to Buenos Aires where a suite in a priests’ retirement home awaits him – followed by the election of a successor, then once again we will have three popes!

        • Someone (in the church officially ) might raise the specter that Francis has never been pope , just as Fr. Kramer has uttered.

          • Unless enough Steve McGarrett’s and Danno’s make a forcible entry, based on a bench warrant, and there is HARD evidence of collusion, a forced resignation by B16 or that, as soon as the doors were shut on the conclave and a bunch of Chinese secret agents popped out of hiding places and held guns to the heads of resistant cardinals to make sure Jorge got the nod, it just ain’t never ever gonna happen.

            Fr. Kramer has made an interesting but non-authoritative argument that B16’s resignation was defective. Even B16 denied that was the case. So, that little fishing expedition, clever as it was, went nowhere, as well.

            Jorge was elected. He accepted. The whole world considers him the Pope of the Catholic Church. That’s all it takes.

            Yes, the whole deal smells like a three day old diaper and the odor only worsens, but we’re stuck with it.

  2. You are, of course, correct gpmtrad, that the Church has suffered through some appallingly bad Vicars of Christ. Fortunately this has been more than balanced by many wonderfully saintly Vicars of Christ.

    And through it all, down the ages, the words of Our Blessed Lord ring out: The gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church.

    So while our present Pope and his supporters continue trying their best to turn the Catholic Faith into some sort of Prottie Lite pseudo religion, and we Catholics groan in despair as one travesty after another is trotted out, we must remember that, as Job learnt after suffering far more than we will face, ultimately, whether they believe in Him or not, God is in charge.

    It is HIS Church, not theirs, it is HIS Faith, not theirs, and try as they might, they will not change one iota of the truth.

    Nor, try as they might, will they destroy the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

  3. What would be the next step? How are charges of heresy brought against a pope?

    As an aside, it kills me, the bloggers and tweeters who just love John Paul and Benedict and are astonished at Francis, when every single one of these different abuses come so clearly from Vatican II, the way of accomplishing their aims, their language, the same demands (this is collegiality, just as it was narrowly defeated at VII because of that leaked memo). Every single one comes from VII and these indult types are all astonished, and in denial. But it’s clearer and clearer. And John Paul and Benedict did not reject the poison–not even the poison of the new mass, for Benedict, for all his liturgical teaching. But they can’t see it comes from the Council, and defend it.

    • There must be a formal, authoritative body of cardinals and/or bishops who agree that FORMAL heresy has occurred on the part of a pope and then, after beseeching said heretical pope to cease, desist, recant, publicly confess and make genuine amends – and he refuses to do so – they can lower the boom.

      Then it becomes “Book ‘im, Danno!” time and the fun begins.

      Not until.

      As for the Neo-Kathlyckx, study of the Faith has always been a serious obligation and did not cease when the world and the Church were “created” in 1962, although the Mod Squad said otherwise.

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