Report: Francis unloads on 13 conservative cardinals, then suffers mild stroke


Today I rushed to the Vatican to check out what was going on for myself as the news coming out of the Synod of Bishops seemed pretty disturbing: the Pope was brought away with a mild sickness after exploding in anger in front of his Bishops.

My old friend Roberto D’Agostino, now one of Italy’s leading journalists and bloggers, has reported his biggest scoop to date on the latest scandalous event to hit the Synod of Bishops going on presently in Rome.

As I have written in my past articles, and various interviews on Infowars, tensions are gradually building on the conservative front for quite sometime in the Vatican.

All hell broke loose at the Vatican on Oct. 12 around 7pm.

This occurred immediately after a publication on the website l’Espresso, one of the two most prominent Italian weeklies, because of an open letter addressed to the Pope, in which 13 conservative cardinals raised their objections to the Pope at the Synod, the mild Bergoglio went on a rampage.

At this point Roberto D’Agostino reports from his very respected and credible website Dagospia, now also picked up in the last few hours by all the main Italian media, the Pope was caught by a sudden and violent fit of anger, and the usually mild and peaceful Bergoglio lost it completely, and thundered against the purple conservatives prelates stating:

“If this is the case, they can leave. The Church does not need them. I will throw them all out!”

And then full of anger, he had a mild stroke. The pope has been under stress for months, one more reason to leave in 2016, as I announced Oct. 11 on Infowars.

The official instigator of the letter was Australian Cardinal George Pell, who the Pope himself had originally wanted to guide the Vatican finances, later changing his mind.

Despite formally covering the post of prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy, Pell has long been “policed” by the Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin for his conservative stand against both the Jesuits and the Gay Lobby.

The true instigator of the letter is in any case the Cardinal of Milan, Cardinal Angelo Scola, the real puppetmaster of the rebellion against Pope Francis, and the abomination he has made of the Church.

Cardinal Scola had originally placed himself amongst the authors of the letter, but apparently decided to remove his signature at the last minute, to avoid suspicion on the fact that he is behind this conservative riot going on in the Synod.

The staged “coming out” of Monsignor Charamsa has come back to haunt the Rainbow faction of the Church, as the reaction has been gradual discontent among the Cardinals.

Roberto D’Agostino also reports there has been a sudden shift towards the conservative side, and Bergoglio, seems suddenly worried.

Because of all the conspiracy theories and revelations made in the last few weeks, my inside sources told me today he seems now more cautious in his latest statements.

* * *

Leo Lyon Zagami is an Italian-based geopolitical researcher and the author of nine books, including his latest book Pope Francis: The Last Pope?

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  1. I’ve seen this re-repeated on various other outlets for the past four days.

    Remember my monitum when it comes to Italian journalism, 98% of it is about as accurate as 98% of American “journalism,” only more colorfully written.

  2. Maybe his head will explode.

  3. Maybe Eye of the Tiber can get to the bottom of this. The pope could be dead for all we know. All the poor NeoCat kids will have to find a different costume for Halloween.

  4. Just for the record: I too live where my next thought could lead to a catastrophic heart event. An interesting way to live.

  5. Is it a sin to pray that the Pope goes to Heaven today?

    • A more interesring theological question would be: “Is it a sin to pray that a Pope goes to purgatory?” Can’t ask to get this Pontiff off the hook that easy! In due time, he might apply for parole, and even apply for “subito Santo”canonization as did his post-Vatican II predecessors.

      • Would the following prayer from the 1966 satire of pre-Vatican II Catholicism, ST. FIDGETA AND OTHER PARODIES by John Bellairs, suffice?

        Prayer for the Speedy Demise of a Bishop (to be said by a priest whose books have been suppressed or by an ambitious Monsignor): “O God, who dost daily sweep Thine Eternal Dwellings, grant that the soul of the superflous N. may be sucked up into the Dustbag of Bliss, where spinning motes circle ever before Thy Throne.”

        For more about ST. FIDGETA AND OTHER PARODIES and John Bellairs, see www.bellairsia.com/the_work/saintfp/ and www.bellairsia.com/academia/saintfp.pdf – a can of worms which I do not wish to open here.

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