We are living in an upside-down world or so it appears to me. First of all, the Head of the Catholic Church seems to believe that the cultures of the world can dictate doctrine or, at least, praxis. With over 50 million babies being aborted and fetal parts being sold for profit, he seems to have as his priority – climate change and communion for homosexuals and adulterers. With the SSPX and other independent traditional groups laboring under the “supplied jurisdiction” concept for many years, he thinks he can declare a “Year of Mercy” and grant faculties to them despite the hierarchy having anathematized them and other independents for over 50 years. There are two options I think for Catholics today – be loyal to Eternal Rome or Modernist Rome. That is, be loyal either to Our Lord and Savior who speaks through Scripture and Tradition or to Beelzebub, the father of lies.

But, it’s not limited to the Church – this seeming lunacy and fascination with things temporal. I’m thinking of the story being bandied about concerning the 60 year old elephant that was hunted down and killed recently. Come on, with the slaughter of innocent human beings taking place these days through abortion and so-called just wars, we are expected to mourn the slaying of a 60 yr old elephant? With governments openly defying the laws of God, with politicians outright lying to our face and acting like circus clowns, we are expected to turn our attention to the “elephant in the room” (pun intended)? With economies tanking before our very eyes, we are being asked to approve evermore deficit-spending and mortgaging the futures of our children? I mean, it’s just too unthinkable to behold. What’s the answer? We must turn to the God who made us and beg forgiveness for mistaking human talent for Divine Providence. In our Church we must honor the traditions handed down to us through the centuries and reject the modernist heresies that have crept into our liturgy and practice. We must listen to and obey the Holy Mother of God who alone has the power to crush the head of satan.

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