Heartbreaking Final Message from Marie Antoinette

From a friend in Russia, an extraordinary last message from Marie Antoinette at 4:30 am, prior to her execution, 222 years ago today.

Lístok s posledným odkazom Márie Antoinetty v deň jej popravy 16. októbra 1793 o 4:30 ráno. “Môj Bože! Zmiluj sa nado mnou! Moje oči už nemajú viac sĺz plakať pre vás, moje úbohé deti. Zbohom! Zbohom!”

Ticket with last message mary antoinetty in day its execution 16. October 1793 at 4:30 this morning. ” my God! Have mercy on me! My eyes already have no more tears to cry for you, my poor kids. Goodbye! Goodbye!”

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One comment on “Heartbreaking Final Message from Marie Antoinette

  1. Yet still the mythology about the French Revolution continues.
    The Left have managed to portray the Revolution as the innocent downtrodden poor courageously gaining their freedom from the ruthless, tyrannical aristocracy.
    The incredible evils of the Revolution are merely glossed over as necessary by-products of the pursuit of freedom.

    I sometimes wonder if the truth of this tragic event will ever become known to the general populace.

    The same mythology is taught about the Russian Revolution where the Tsar is depicted as some sort of depot against whom the poor peasants had no alternative but to revolt – and then apparently murder him and his entire family in cold blood.

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