Martyrology-October 16th
Roman Martyrology-October 16th- on this date in various years-

St. Hedwig, widow, duchess of Poland, who went to her rest in the Lord on the day previous.

In the monastery of Moutier-en-Der, in France, St. Bercharius, abbot and martyr.

In Africa, two hundred and seventy holy martyrs, crowned together.

Likewise, the Saints Martinian and Saturnian, with their two brothers. While the persecution of the Vandals was raging in the reign of the Arian king Genseric, they were slaves to a man of that race. They were converted to the faith of Christ by Maxima, a slave like themselves, and they manifested their attachment to the truth with such courage that they were beaten with rough clubs and lacerated in all parts of their bodies to the very bones. Although this barbarous treatment was continued for a considerable period, their wounds were each time healed overnight. They were at length sent into exile where they converted many barbarians to the faith, and obtained from the Roman Pontiff a priest and other ministers to baptize them. Finally there were condemned to die by having their feet tied behind running chariots and being dragged through thorns. Maxima, after enduring many tribulations, was miraculously delivered and became the superior of a large monastery of virgins, where she ended her days in peace.

Also, the Saints Saturninus, Nereus, and three hundred and sixty-five other martyrs.

At Cologne, under Julian the Apostate, the martyr St. Eliphius.

Near Bourges, St. Ambrose, bishop of Cahors.

At Mainz, St. Lullus, bishop and confessor.

At Treves, St. Florentinus, bishop.

At Arbon in Germany, St. Gall, abbot, a disciple of blessed Columban.

At Muro in Italy, St. Gerard Majella, confessor and professed lay brother of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. Renowned for miracles, he was added to the list of the saints by Pope Pius X.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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