Some may think so, but I assure you, the opposite is true.  But, ever since Vatican II I’ve wondered when the Church is going to return to its roots, which is Tradition.  High-ranking clerics have gone off the deep end, so-to-speak, and seem more concerned with secular, humanistic concepts than Traditional doctrine and dogmas.  This was and  is especially true, it seems to me, by those occupying the Chair of Peter.

Now, when I was confirmed many years ago, I was told that the Sacrament of Confirmation made us “soldiers of Christ” and we were to defend the Faith against all attacks.  So, when I see abuses in the Church which demean Tradition, and clerics acting like clowns, I react.  When I see high-ranking members of the Church wanting to dialogue with the devil using the term “ecumenism” to justify their stance,  I react.   And so, I post the following, hoping that somehow the Church will turn away from the world, the flesh and the devil and return to its roots.  At the same time, I pray and pray fervently with rosary in hand that Blessed Mother will assist us and intercede with Her Divine Son to restore all things in Christ.

The Council of Trent sixth  session, degree on justification,

Nevertheless, let those who think themselves to stand, take heed lest they fall, and, with fear and trembling work out their salvation, in labours, in watchings, in almsdeeds, in prayers and oblations, in fastings and chastity: for, knowing that they are born again unto a hope of glory, but not as yet unto glory, they ought to fear for the combat which yet remains with the flesh, with the world, with the devil, wherein they cannot be victorious, unless they be with God’s grace, obedient to the Apostle, who says; We are debtors, not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh; for if you live according to the flesh, you shall die; but if by the spirit you mortify the deeds of the flesh, you shall live.



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  1. I joined AQ in May, 2007. And, it’s all ECS220’s fault! He made me laugh so hard and his comments, always succinct, devastating and absolutely on-point theologically, convinced me that I wanted to be part of it.

    Many are the times I regretted hitting ENTER after pasting one hierarch or lower-arch after another for being, well, a material heretic or just chargeable for conduct unbecoming an officer of the Church.

    It was the conferences of Canon Gregory Hesse, STL, STD of most felicitous memory that, after all these years, convinced me that I was actually being, well, rather Catholic in doing so.

    If we failed to mount up, grab sword, lance and shield, then there would have been NO opposition to what is nothing less than an all-out, communist-style takeover of Holy Mother Church by Her own churchmen, some objectively malevolent, others just plain stupid, and the rest just time-servers. The sods are another breed altogether and it is for them I find it most difficult to pray for their conversion, though I must continue to try.

    The only pope of this awful era, through which we have lived since my youth, for whom I could never work up much sympathy (which isn’t even required in order to pray for him) was Montini. My hope is that he suffered from a debilitating mental disorder, lessening his culpability for literally PLACING HIMSELF UNDER A CURSE by numerous popes and councils of yore when he destroyed the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by a legal lateral arabesque which, in fact, did NOT enjoin the use of his sappy protestant table concoction upon anyone, although the dim-witted bishops worldwide, almost to a man, ran with it like kitties bombed on catnip.

    John XXIII at least wrote an encyclical defending Latin as THE language of the Liturgy. Wojtyla DID act like a man to defend his homeland in the face of the entire might of the USSR and Papa Ratzinger went about as far as his very gentlemanly, scholarly but fouled-up seminary and graduate studies permitted in accommodating even the SSPX. It wasn’t nearly enough, but it did put the Society back on the map, ecclesiastically if only “irregularly,” and that wasn’t all chopped liver. Besides, he acted papally most of the time, except for the Australian WYD voodoo ambush he ran into.

    Anyway, Rosary in one hand and sword in the other, CHARGE!

    • Can’t remember what it was that brought me here, but somehow by God’s grace and shortly after my reversion became definite, I went through a period of utter mental pandemonium as I transitioned from feelgood convert to ‘oh Lord what have I walked into’ rediscoverer (is that a word?) of tradition. Finding this place, especially Howl’s hilarious take-downs of the dumb Freudo-Marxism I’d been feeding my brains on for the previous however many years, convinced me I was among knowledgeable people I could learn from. I haven’t been disappointed yet, and long may it continue. I only wish I had more time.

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