Crank Up the Rossini! More Opera Buffa!

[ Note: This is a machine translation.  Il Giornale is a popular Italian news outlet. I have no idea as to the veracity of the report, but it sure fits in nicely with the libretto of this farcical opera, even if it’s not 100% accurate. / gpmtrad ]


High voltage Vatican. reveals that last night around 19, when on the blog of the Vatican correspondent of “L’Espresso” has appeared a letter in which 13 cardinals to the Pope raised their objections to the Synod, the mild and peaceful Bergoglio would go on all furies.

[ Cue heavy tremolo for strings, bring on the tympanies! / gpmtrad ]

The Pope writes Dago, would even be caught by a sudden and violent fit of anger, thundering against the purple conservative “If that is so, may go away. The Church does not need them, I chased them all!”. Then, vented anger, had taken ill: tachycardia, changes in pressure. Nothing serious, though.

Vatican continues the ancient tradition of the suspects and the leak. This morning Blog Sandro Magister, Espresso journalist, is published a letter signed by 13 cardinals in which appear critical, sometimes very hard, against Pope Francis and methodology that is contraddistinguendo the Synod on the family going. Four, for now, the cardinals who have distanced themselves from the letter, claiming that he had never signed any document. The last time the Vatican was tearing from an internal struggle, or at least the last time this thing has emerged the media, dates back to 2012 when the case broke out Vatileaks.

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