Rebel cardinals accuse pope of stacking synod cards

By Angus MacKinnon
AFP via Yahoo!
October 12, 2015
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Vatican City (AFP) – Conservative cardinals have accused Pope Francis of stacking the cards against them in an ongoing battle over issues including the Church’s approach to gays and to divorced and remarried believers, it emerged Monday.

In a letter sent to the pontiff on October 5, the opening day of a Church synod on the family, a group of cardinals described procedures for three weeks of discussions as “designed to facilitate predetermined results on important disputed questions.”

The ostensibly private (but quickly leaked) letter was delivered to the pope by Australian Cardinal George Pell and reportedly signed by peers including the archbishops of Toronto and New York, Thomas Collins and Timothy Dolan, and arch-Vatican conservative Carlo Caffarra, the archbishop of Bologna.

A day later, without making any reference to the letter, Francis made an unscheduled intervention in the synod discussions to warn participants not to be taken in by “spiritually unhelpful” conspiracy theories.

And in comments that now look like a slapdown of a challenge to his authority, he also pointedly stressed that he had personally approved the methodology for three weeks of talks intended to reshape Catholic teaching on a broad range of questions related to family life.

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One comment on “Rebel cardinals accuse pope of stacking synod cards

  1. Dolan? No way.

    Rorate Caeli has an update. The letter wasn’t supposed to get out, and now one signatory, Cardinal Napier, is waffling:

    Journalist John Allen Jr. also says that Cardinal Napier confirms his signature in general terms: “Napier acknowledged signing a letter, but said its content was different from that presented in Magister’s report. The letter he signed, he said, was specifically about the 10-member commission preparing the final document.”

    What did Dolan sign?

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