PRO-HOMOSEXUAL propaganda was ALLOWED to be distributed at the Synod

Saturday, 10 October 2015

SOURCE: Toronto Catholic Witness

Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki continues his valiant defense of Holy Mother Church by informing us that during the Afternoon Session of October 7th, 2015, the bishops in his Group noted that pro-homosexual propaganda was being distributed at the Synod. 
Who is allowing this? 
How did this pro-homosexual propaganda get in? 
Just who are the homosexualists in the Vatican? Are they practicing homosexuals? 
Are they Cardinals? Archbishops? Are they bishops,  mid-level homosexual infiltrators like the self-outed Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa? 
Just how many are involved in this powerful, malignant homo-lobby? 
Catholics have a right to know!
The screenshot of the Archbishop’s blog: 
Toronto Catholic Witness translation:
“One of the Catholic publications that was distributed during the Synod, was written by women theologians justifying homosexual unions” 
Please pray for the Church during this dark hour






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  1. It is time to shut this abomination down. Caligula and Nero have returned. !

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