Rorate: “The Happy Couple” Photo With Francis

SHOCKING IMAGE FINALLY APPEARS: When the Pope met the “transexual” woman and her “fiancée”

We were the first to break the news in English at the time: the Pope granted a hidden audience to a same-sex couple (that is, two homosexual women) constituted of a transexual woman (who, after much transformation and hormones, uses the alias “Diego”, and who complained of not being welcomed in her parish) and her “fiancée”…
The meeting took place on January 24th, and coincidentally (!!!) It is being released just in time for the “Family” Synod by Spanish daily El Mundo.
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5 comments on “Rorate: “The Happy Couple” Photo With Francis

  1. Nothing to see here, folks. Just keep moving.

  2. Is there any pervert, any trasher of Church doctrine, with whom this Pope won’t have his photo taken?

  3. And now, may we see the picture with Kim Davis?

    In Xto,

  4. Jorge is either totally brain dead or totally in the service of Satan.

    My opinion is the latter.

    I’ve tried to avoid following the proceedings of this evil synod. Trying instead to focus on prayer and repentance.

    I need to pray harder.

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