An Addendum to A Memorable Presentation

As an addendum to my post of Oct 5th entitled “A Memorable Presentation,” I would add from and     the post

Do they not fear God?

Specifically, this part of it which reads: “The differences between the Novus Ordo and the Vetus Ordo are not simply matters of taste; there are fundamental theological and anthropological distinctions between the two forms of the Roman rite. The former is manifestly an anthropocentric endeavor, in its ecumenical aims, in its stripped-down prayers, in its orientation, and in its room for improvisation. Martin Mosebach lamented that while the Mass of Paul VI can be celebrated reverently, it is merely an option. To celebrate the older missal irreverently, one must make an effort to do so – breaking rubrics, rushing hurriedly through the prayers, failing to implement the beauty of sacred music or a properly adorned altar, etc. But the prayers of that liturgy themselves stand as a bulwark against true irreverence. There is no room within the ancient rubrics for a priest to go off on an ad-hoc soliloquy, and the prescription of where he is to stand and what he is to do and the direction he is supposed to face diminishes the possibility of him dominating the sanctuary by his presence. He is forced, whether he likes it or not, to decrease, so that Christ may increase. As one traditional priest of my acquaintance put it, ‘I am a slave of the liturgy. The Church tells me where to stand, where to place my hands, when to genuflect, when to kiss the altar…I dissappear, and it is Christ’s priesthood working through me.'”

Hat-tips to: Over at The Week, 1P5, Michael Dougherty, Steve Skojec and others who made this information available.

I would also add my understanding that under the “old rite” after a new priest had been ordained, a senior priest was assigned to watch the new priest for about a week or so in celebrating Mass so that any errors could be corrected.  One wonders whatever happened to this practice like – do they say: Oh by the way, father, the clown’s red nose is in the  drawer and the balloons are in the closet down the hall?   Egads, my friends, what novelties have been foisted upon us.


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