Ann Barnhardt Heckles Bishop

Probably the most important blog to be visiting over the coming days.  What is up with the Synod has been organised by Hilary White and is so far quite superb.

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7 comments on “Ann Barnhardt Heckles Bishop

  1. From the article:

    A little while back I [Ann] had the opportunity to attend a small conference about Marriage and Evolution, as in Darwinian evolution, specifically addressing the damage that the Evolutionary theory has done to society in general, and to the cultural foundation of marriage and family, …

    … So I raised my hand and asked the final question of the session. My question was this:

    “The disastrous September 8th Motu Proprio contains a list of criteria that could be cited as grounds for declaring a marriage null, including “lack of faith”, which is a universal condition. I myself am already receiving questions from orthodox faithful Catholics who are happily married who are now questioning whether or not they are even married because one or both of the spouses was “nervous” on the morning of the wedding, perhaps indicating a “lack of faith” per the Motu Proprio. This is the diabolical fruit of the September 8th disaster. My question is, what can we do or say to people to assure them that they are, in fact, sacramentally married and should not doubt this?”

    The laywoman gave a polite but not terribly helpful answer because there really was nothing she could say.

    Then the bishop from the Middle East stood up, wheeled around, and glaringly addressed me.

    He started with, “Why do you refer to the Motu Proprio as “September 8th”, like it was “September 11th”?

    To which I instantly snapped back, “You’re right. It is far, far worse than September 11th.”

    … Still glaring at me, the bishop then launched into the first of his two defenses of the September 8th catastrophic Motu Proprio. First, he complained about the “stack of paperwork” backlogged on his desk from all of the annulment requests he had to deal with.

    I interrupted him with, “Yeah, that’s just awful – almost as bad as being nailed to a cross….”

    Thus ended the episcopal bitch-fest about the unbearable existential burden of backlogged paperwork.

    Go, Ann!

    • She’s a handful and, if I recall, she’s definitely anti-SSPX (she’s an indult type I believe or attends one of the “in communion” trad groups that are bound and gagged when it comes to Jorge and Vatican II,) as well as being a libertarian and an Americanist heresy spouter.

      But her style is definitely one of the more noticeable and she’s infinitely more correct on events like the Sin-Sod than one of my former favorites, the now pro-$od, anti-Catholic bigot, Ann Coulter.

  2. Hi Patrick – I’m not a total supporter of AB (if I went into why I would be denounced as a misogynist), but I know she’s not a libertarian or a part of the Americanist heresy. She doesn’t even believe there IS such a thing as America anymore; nor does she believe that the American experiment is somehow above the or supervenient to the traditional Catholic view of government. I’ve also never known her to defend libertarianism. Not that she doesn’t need arguing with – she most certainly does – but she deserves an argument against what she believes. I’m sure this comment seems out of place. I’ve actually commented before a couple of years ago, specifically asking some of you veterans about a troubling time I was going through on my conversion to the Catholic faith from atheism. I guess it went into the abyss Servitium was speaking of in his earlier post. God bless you all – you meant very much to me on my road to the Faith.

    • Welcome back, Eastend. Atheism? That’s a big gap to traverse. Were you raised with any religious teachings? Did someone challenge you, or did the Provident God just keep hunting you down? For me, a cradle Catholic but fallen away through college, it took both.

    • Eastend, I’ll gratefully stand corrected if I am wrong about AB.

      She rather did enter punditworld out of the muzzle of a howitzer, cutesy pink AR15 wrapped in a Rosary, et al, and I saw prob’ly more written ABOUT her than by her. Frankly, I’ve prob’ly read her at most once every couple of months.

      But that she’s not an Uh-meri-ki-nist or libertarian IS welcome news.

      Thanks for the info, and welcome aboard.

  3. Cyprian and gpmtrad: thanks for the welcome. Cyprian, I was raised devout Evangelical. Through Providence and in answer to some questions I had, about 11 years ago I “discovered” Catholicism. If you can believe it, my introduction to the Faith was a combination of Karl Keating and angelqueen. I’ve been daily reading AQ since I think 2005? Meat trees and all. And dear St. Elmo and Jean. Cindy deserves an extra jewel in her heavenly crown for her novenas she has posted over the years. But I was/am an idiot and continued to question for the next 8 years. I finally decided (and still believe) that either Catholicism is true or there is no God. And suddenly I thought, well I guess there is no God because it seemed that everything suddenly made more sense. All these goings on in the Church, the world, etc all made sense if it was all a bunch of fairy tales. So I became a philosophical atheist of sorts – no church, no prayer, No gods, just lots and lots of books. And I was very happy because ignorance is bliss and sin was blinding. Studying more deeply into atheism showed me through God’s grace how irrational atheism is. Which sling shot me back to the Church. I started with just a morning Hail Mary, and eventually I was received into the Church this past Easter. And now I’m quite “unhappy” because unfortunately all this is real, and we are in a war of sorts I suppose. But at least its the Truth. And I come to AQ to be quiet (despite this interminable response) and listen to some good cradle Catholic wisdom – converts like me can have too much baggage. And you good men and women on AQ will have an extra reward in heaven for your witness, because I’m sure there are other idiots like me out there in the swamps of modernism who need yall too.

    • And now I’m quite “unhappy” because unfortunately all this is real, and we are in a war of sorts I suppose.

      Heh. Yeah, the reality of it all is astounding. And it is a war. It’s a war against Our Lord, and consequently, a war against reality.

      Thanks for filling us in. It’s encouraging to hear that folks are benefiting from AQ and other Catholic websites. Don’t worry about the idiot thing. I’ve got plenty of idiocy to tell, but I’ll leave it at that. Anyhow, a key to moving ahead, in grace and nature, is having an honest picture of what you know and don’t know, and the humility to admit it. God bless you.

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