It’s Unbelievable – Almost

Scanning the news of what’s happening in the Church these days, one has to think in terms of the title to this post.   But, first, I want to say to that apostate fellow, Charamsa: shut your filthy mouth and go back into that hole that you crawled out of and, oh yes, take your “boyfriend” with you.   To the hierarchy I’ll say something that I learned many years ago – that it’s easier to start off with a strict policy than it is to start by being lenient and then try to re-instate the strict policy.  It simply doesn’t work and this is why your post-Vatican II initiatives which you claim are “pastoral” are, in fact, doomed to failure.  Except for a small minority of clerics who have the courage to defend the Faith, whole and entire, you have allowed a feeling of permissiveness to invade the Church and water-down Church teaching.  It started long before Vatican II but its fruits are clearly evident today.  So, the onus is on you and you will have to answer for it at the proper time.

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One comment on “It’s Unbelievable – Almost

  1. Before some Vatican II apologist accuses me of being judgmental and unchristian in my approach, I would submit from my post graduate studies in Psychology the following:

    Tough love – love or concern that is expressed in a strict way especially to make someone behave responsibly

    Non-directive counseling includes any type of counseling in which the counselor does not offer any direct advice or direction. Methods used in non-directive counseling allow the patient to hear themselves discuss their own options out loud to come to a coherent decision. This form of counseling was made famous (some would say infamous) by Dr. Carl Rogers, PhD, in the 50s and 60s.

    I’ll leave it up to the reader to determine which approach is most effective in this sea of apostasy.

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