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Woman Who Killed Her Baby Has Conviction Overturned, Court Says Six-Day-Old Baby Isn’t a Person

The court ruling compared Jorgensen’s actions to self-induced abortion and called it an offense that is “no greater than a misdemeanor.”

A New York court recently ruled that a Long Island woman who killed her baby in a car accident cannot be convicted because her baby was not a person yet.

The Times Union reports Jennifer Jorgensen previously was found guilty of second-degree manslaughter for causing the death of her baby daughter in a car crash. She also was indicted for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and endangering the welfare of a child, according to the report. read more


Martyrology-November 1st
Roman Martyrology-November 1st-on this date in various years-

The Festival of All Saints, which Pope Boniface IV, after the dedication of the Pantheon, ordained to be kept generally and solemnly every year on the 13th of May, in the city of Rome, in honour of the blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and of the holy martyrs. It was afterwards decreed by Gregory IV that this feast, which was then celebrated in many dioceses, but at different times, should be on this day kept by the whole Church in honour of all the saints. read more

Please Pray for A Young Homeschooling Mom

My friends, please keep in your prayers the young homeschooling mother I’ve asked you to pray for in recent months, Michelle. She faces surgery next Tuesday, Nov. 3, the Feast of St. Martin de Porres, a Dominican Tertiary.

I have a friend who has a first class relic of St. Martin and would suggest you include pleas for the Saint’s intercession for a successful outcome for Michelle on his Feast.

Thank you!


Martyrology-October 31st
Roman Martyrology-October 31st-on this date in various years-

The Vigil of All Saints.

At Rome, the Saints Ampliatus, Urbanus, and Narcissus, who are mentioned by St. Paul in his Epistle to the Romans. They were put to death by the Jews and Gentiles for the Gospel of Christ.

At Constantinople, St. Stachis, bishop who was consecrated first bishop of that city by the blessed apostle Andrew.

At Saint Quentin in France, the martyr St. Quentin, a Roman citizen and senator, who suffered under Emperor Maximian. By the revelation of an angel, his body was found incorrupt after a lapse of fifty-five years. read more


Martyrology-October 30th
Roman Martyrology-October 30th-on this date in various years-

In Sardinia, the birthday of St. Pontian, pope and martyr. In the company of the priest Hippolytus, he was exiled by Emperor Alexander, and achieved martyrdom by being scourged. His body was brought to Rome by blessed Pope Fabian and buried in the cemetery of Callistus. His feast, however, is celebrated on the 19th of November.

At Aegea in Cilicia, in the reign of Diocletian, under the governor Lysias, the martyrdom of Saints Zenobius, bishop, and his sister Zenobia. read more


Martyrology-October 29th
Roman Martyrology-October 29th-on this date in various years-

The holy bishop Maximian, martyr, and Valentine, confessor.

At Sidon in Phoenicia, St. Zenobius, a priest. When the last persecution was raging, by exhorting others to martyrdom, he himself was deemed worthy of it.

In Lucania, the holy martyrs Hyacinth, Quinctus, Felician, and Lucius.

At Bergamo, St. Eusebia, virgin and martyr.

At Jerusalem, the birthday of blessed Narcissus, a bishop distinguished for holiness, patience, and faith, who went to the kingdom of God at the age of one hundred and sixteen years. read more

Devotion to the Seven Dolors of Our Lady of Sorrows


St. Alphonsus Liguori, in his book The Glories of Mary mentioned a revelation in which St. John the Evangelist saw both Our Lord and His Blessed Mother after her assumption into heaven. He heard Mary ask Jesus for some special grace to all those who are devoted to her dolors (sorrows). Christ promised the four following special graces:

1) That those who before death invoked the divine Mother in the name of her sorrows should obtain true repentance of all their sins. read more

Well Worth Pondering and Implementing!

April 25, 2013

Traditional Holy Water

Today I was asked to bless water.  It takes a lot longer and is more work, but I now only do the traditional blessing of water.  Before I knew any better, I would just make the sign of the cross over the water and that was it.  Later on when I got “The Roman Ritual” I was shocked by the complete blessing of water including exorcisms and adding exorcised salt to the holy water.  Here is the Rite from “The Roman Ritual”: read more

Prayer Request

I just learned that two individuals from my old home town have brain cancer.

Please pray for Tim, who had surgery yesterday but the entire tumor could not be removed due to the root being too close to the part of the brain that controls speech.  Chemo will be the next step.

Also, please pray for Carol, the wife of one of my friends, who has also been diagnosed with brain cancer, as well.

Thank you.


Anyone familiar with the Catholic Faith knows that in the early Church, Christian-Catholics were being persecuted for their beliefs, both by the Roman authorities and the Jews. So, they took it upon themselves to hide in the catacombs when they were practicing their Faith overtly. It seems almost analogous to present times with one big exception – the persecution in modern times comes from the Church itself. What’s that you say? Well, in order to save space on this blog, I invite anyone interested to view the most recent textual addition to my website at (You won’t have to go far on the site, the new text immediately follows the opening pictures.) read more


Martyrology-October 28th
Roman Martyrology-October 28th-on this date in various years-

In Persia, the birthday of the blessed apostles Simon the Canaanite and Thaddeus, who is also called Jude. Simon preached the Gospel in Egypt, Thaddeus in Mesopotamia. Afterwards, entering Persia together, they converted to Christ a numberless multitude of the inhabitants, then underwent martyrdom.

At Rome, the holy martyrs Cyril and Anastasia the Elder, virgin. In the persecution of Valerian, under the prefect Probus, Anastasia was bound with chains, buffeted, subjected to fire and scourging, and, as she remained immovable in the confession of Christ, her breasts were cut away, her nails plucked out, her teeth broken, and her hands, feet, and head severed from her body. Adorned with her sufferings as with so many jewels, she went to her Spouse. At her request, Cyril gave her some water to drink, and for his reward became a martyr. read more


Martyrology-October 27th
Roman Martyrology-October 27th-on this date in various years-

The vigil of the holy apostles Simon and Jude.

At Avila in Spain, under the governor Dacian, the Saints Vincent, Sabina, and Christeta. They were first stretched on the rack in such a manner that all their limbs were dislocated; then stones being laid on their heads, and their brains beaten out with heavy bars, their martyrdom was fulfilled.

At Tilchatel in France, St. Florentius, martyr.

In Cappadocia, the holy martyrs Capitolina, and Erotheides, her handmaid, who suffered under Diocletian. read more

Synod Highlight: Dr. Anca-Maria Cernea’s Warning of “Cultural Marxism” Falls on Deaf Episcopal Ears

From Life Site News, Voice of the Faithful and more.

On October 15, Dr. Anca-Maria Cernea, President of the Association of Catholic Doctors of Bucharest in Romania, gave this brief address to the Sin-Nod (my emphasis).

Your Holiness, Synod Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, I represent the Association of Catholic Doctors from Bucharest.

I am from the Romanian Greek Catholic Church.

My father was a Christian political leader, who was imprisoned by the communists for 17 years. My parents were engaged to marry, but their wedding took place 17 years later. read more


And for October 25, 2015 The Feast of our Lord Jesus Christ the King.
Martyrology-October 26th
Roman Martyrology-October 26th-on this date in various years-

At Rome, St. Evaristus, pope and martyr, who enriched the Church of God with his blood under Emperor Hadrian.

In Africa, the holy martyrs Felicissimus and the priest Rogatian, who received the bright crown of martyrs in the persecution of Valerian and Gallienus. They are mentioned by St. Cyprian in his Epistle to the Confessors.

At Nicomedia, the holy martyrs Lucian, Florius, and their companions. read more