BREAKING! Mike Matt: God help us! They’re going for it all!


This just in from Crisis Magazine: Much has been written about the Pope’s humility, and he himself has often spoken about the need for humility. Yet it is possible to detect a certain amount of hubris in the positions he takes on political and scientific matters.

For example, it takes a certain level of hubris for a man to take a public stand on the threat of global warming when he has no background in the subject, and when the evidence for global warming is sketchy. READ HERE

REMNANT COMMENT Hell just froze over. Pope Francis has accomplished what was long thought unthinkable: He has begun to awaken the neo-Catholics. Long Live Pope Francis.

Why Pope Francis and his team show not the least bit of concern for the fact that despite the wild cheers of the mob that greeted the papal Fiat–a mob that couldn’t care any less about the doctrines of the Catholic faith by the way–they are infuriating the defenders of what’s left of conservatism throughout the world may just be the most foreboding sign of all so far. Why don’t they care? What sort of wild coup do they have in mind? They have our buildings, our institutions, our offices and THEY JUST DON’T CARE who is onto them and who is not. They’re going for it, God help us. They’re going for it all.

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One comment on “BREAKING! Mike Matt: God help us! They’re going for it all!

  1. He has defied the law of gravity so far…
    Can a Pope with spontaneous logorrhea have humility at the same time?
    Lots of high school chemistry teachers aspire to winning Nobel Prizes. He may pull it off. On the other hand, he does seem to be enjoying the media frenzy and popularity he enjoys among anti-Catholic pro-abortion liberals, secular progressives, and non-Catholics, hamming it up by refraining from mentioning Jesus Christ or unpleasant moral teachings that might offend enemies of the Church. That’s not exactly making a strong case for sanctity, under traditional rules. Can he make it on the cover of TIME magazine and be canonized by the Rockefeller Foundation as every population control freak’s patron saint before jihadists reach the papal palace?

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