New AQ Private Messaging System

It’s way up at the top right on the toolbar; just mouse-over your screen name to get to it. Let me know on this thread what you think, or perhaps take the new system for a test run and use that to let me know. Thus far It seems much better designed and more user-friendly than the old system from what I can tell.

If we go with the new PM system, which seems likely, I’ll be removing the one we’ve been using, so if there’s anything in your inboxes you need (contact info, whatever) you may want to cut/paste it to a .doc and save on your local computer.

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3 comments on “New AQ Private Messaging System

  1. Everything looks great. You’ve put in a ton of work. It’s very kind of you, Serv.

  2. I’m ever so happy to see our lovely Queen of Angels back on top where she belongs. Well done, John!

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