Pope Stumbles Boarding Plane at JFK

There was no one there to assist him as a gust  of wind twice brought him to his knees – a 78 yr old man struggling with sciatica and carrying his own bag boarding the plane to Philadelphia just a few minutes ago.  What is the matter with these buffoons from American Airlines to the Pope’s security team?  Despite my disagreements with this OCP, I find his treatment to be unacceptable.

With respect to the treatment of the pope by the flight attendants and the papal security team at JFK, my wife, the better-half of this duo of some 52 years as of tomorrow, brought up an interesting point saying: “maybe they were told not to help him because he wants to do things himself.”  And I think there may be some truth to that.  But, IMO, he’s not just one of the guys or, as he seemingly prefers to be called “the Bishop of Rome” but the Vicar of Christ on earth.  And, though I freely admit that he does not act like that sometimes, to me he still deserves and can expect to receive, whether he likes it or not, assistance when in distress.  For example, if he were to tell me something like: “no. leave me alone, I can handle it” I would respond: “I’m sorry, holy father, but it is my duty and obligation to assist you when you need it; I can do nothing else.”  Now, I think I would be obliged as a Catholic to render such aid but the bystanders are under no such obligation.  Still, when I viewed him at Philadelphia, it seemed that things had changed and suddenly there was assistance rendered at each elbow by the staff.  Do you think they got the message?  What say you?

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2 comments on “Pope Stumbles Boarding Plane at JFK

  1. I must add that there was a female flight attendant at the top of the stairs who appeared to go towards the Pope to assist him but apparently thought better of that idea. The question is – why? I know what it’s like to be a disabled man in his seventies confined to a wheelchair most of the time due to back surgery that did not go well and I know I would have appreciated some assistance in similar circumstances. I can only tell you this – if the holy father, the Vicar of Christ, had come to visit our little community, the one denied faculties and jurisdiction by the local bishop, he would have been treated with the dignity and care commensurate with his position.

  2. A person who insists on making an ostentatious show of his “humility” by carrying his own bag and refusing the dignity of his office deserves whatever may come upon him.

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