How to add images with the new comments system

You da man Tom!

Leave it to Tom… and just when you thought I knew what I was doing  – if anyone actually ever thought that.

Here I am, beating my head against the wall, looking high and low for a solution to our problem of not being able to post pics using the new comment system. Meanwhile, Tom is nonchalantly adding images/pics into his comments, like – “no problem d00d.” I’m like “how did he do that?!”

Tom is a sly dog, and is MUCH smarter than he lets on. We can all thank him for finding the simple solution to what I thought was a complicated problem.

It’s easy. Just use HTML tags. Like this:

<img src=”“>

That right there is all there is to it.

Simply replace the url to the AQ logo in the code above (between the quotes but not including the quotation marks) with the url to the pic you want to display.

To get the url of the pic (it has to be online, usually on a website), find the pic you want to post, RIGHT click, then copy the url (web address) of on the popup.

This method is for adding pics to comments. For inserting pics on new posts (articles), it’s easiest to use “add media” button at the top of the WYSIWYG editor above the posting interface.

I’ve already added a “how-to” link in the help & info section on the main menu.

Feel free to practice adding pic on this thread.

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  1. Here, let me try with a selfie:

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