Save the Environment but Kill the Babies?

Pope Francis in his address before a joint session of Congress emphasized saving the environment but in mentioning the need to preserve all stages of human life refused to emphasize the profound evil of abortion.  IMO he is a victim of his own ineptitude.  He also mentioned as role models, Dorothy Day, if not a communist, a profound socialist.

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3 comments on “Save the Environment but Kill the Babies?

  1. Any lefty pundit or comic could have said the same.

    Since the Revolutionaries hijacked all Vatican command and control functions in the 1960s, we’ve had progressive pols, not fervently orthodox  bishops, cardinals and popes, “running” the Church.  Bergoglio is merely the logical extension of a movement that, despite being utterly catastrophic, tenaciously holds onto power and basks in the adulation of its equally spiritually bankrupt secular comrades.

  2. All of us here on AQ knew this guy wasn’t going to take this opportunity to promote and defend the teachings of the Church. If anything he does what he’s always done, water them down with ambiguity.


    This speech to Congress ain’t nothing folks.  IMO This speech to Congress will look like St. Peter’s speech on Pentecost compared to the speech he gives in front of his secular, Malthusian, commie and Illuminati buddies at the U.N.!


    Lord help us!

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