Coulter Goes Insane: Nativism is Alive and Sick as Ever!

Coulter Goes Insane: Nativism is Alive and Sick as Ever!

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4 comments on “Coulter Goes Insane: Nativism is Alive and Sick as Ever!

  1. The CNN and MSNBC liberal media coverage of the papal Mass in Washington has been hyping the Hispanic, Latino, and Spanish triumphalism of this event with some liberal hysteria. In the 1970s and 1980s progressive modernists made much noise about the need to get away from the “immigrant Church” and “ghetto Catholicism” of the traditional pre-Vatican II Catholic Church (when Mass was in Latin). Now they have made a U-turn and are proclaiming the great wonders of magical foreignness and the romantic heroism of illiterate foreign immigrants who will rebuild a foreign Catholicism that everyone will just have to adjust to. Liberals and progressive modernists may need to get their story straight. This is politicizing and splintering Catholicism in ways not done before. Why? Because they view Latino Catholics as a demographic group useful for the liberal and socialist political agenda, intellectually castrated from the conservative side of Catholicism which would thwart the Left’s anti-life agenda. There is a lot of Rousseau in this return to peasant immigrant Catholicism as a utopian ideal, cut off from orthodox teachings that would block the socialists and Saul Alinksy followers who want Hispanic and Latino Catholics as useful idiots for their agenda. It’s a very cynical Alinskyite social engineering attack on the Church and Catholics. None of these liberals at CNN and MSNBC would be hailing a pope who opposed their pro-abortion anti-life policy agenda. But they LOVE Pope Francis (because of the global warming eco-socialism and the “who am I to judge?” relativism). It’s not Catholicism they are celebrating.

  2. I’d like to know the percentage of the millions she earned from royalties were provided by Catholic readers?

  3. This is saloon hall Scottish Presbyterian anti-Catholicism coming from her. She needs to watch drinking on top of Ambien and amphetamine diet pills before Tweeting. Sounds like too much Jägermeister for Ann at the lodge party last night.

    A Catholic signed the Declaration of Independence and bankrolled the Revolution, just as Catholics fought in the War of Independence for the American colonies. There would probably be no United States of America for her to sell books in if it were not for the Irish Catholic Regiment in the Union Army in the Civil War and all of the Catholics buried in the World War II U.S. military cemetery in Normandy, France.

    We’re policing the Pope, give it a rest, Ann!

    Your Highlander kilt is showing.

  4. If she paints herself blue and starts running around naked with a spear shouting martial threats in Scottish Gaelic, it will be time for the men in white coats with the oversized butterfly net to pick her up for the drive to Betty Ford.

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