AQ changes: Not as pretty but it works

The changes are obvious. You may or may not like the cosmetics, but these changes were necessary.

We were using an outdated theme that was built by a third party – it had been heavily modified over time and hadn’t been supported by the third party for many years now. It was never supported by WordPress. Hence, updates were not available from WP or anyone else, so when things went wrong with files or code etc., it was not possible to get help or replace corrupted files.

Some of our files had been hacked over time. Other files were obsolete and causing problems that many of you may have come across while you were using AQ. I tried to keep the other format as long as I could, until the issues were not surmountable.

The good news is that you will have a site that is far cleaner, faster, more functional and will be not get us blacklisted on the search engines because of malicious code. I’ve removed the auto-excerpt function so that Tom, Tim and other authors don’t have their main stories excerpted if it isn’t necessary.

This mean authors have to use their judgment, and excerpt  (100 words or so) their posts themselves if the original content source is not friendly to us posting full articles. Also remember to ALWAYS provide links back to the original source, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

If anyone has any issues with the new format (not whines, tech issues) post them here, on this thread, and we’ll look into it.

Also, some time ago, I gave Timwhit admin privileges, so if you want your status changed (to author so you can create posts etc.) let him know. He’s also the go-to guy on most admin issues being that I’m not here nearly as often, and he has my contact info in the event I need to be contacted.

BTW, I absolutely LOVE you people. You have been wonderful over the last several years and have made me proud to be the admin of AQ. The craziness of the early years (though fun) was not sustainable, you’ve all acted like the finest Catholics on earth – because you are.

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17 comments on “AQ changes: Not as pretty but it works

  1. For authors, I just added a nice visual editor that allows you to change fonts etc.

  2. Just added social media sharing and “Get new posts by email.”

    Now posts can be share to Facebook, Twitter etc.

  3. Just added a visual editor for comments in addition to the one for author posts. Now you can;






  4. Thanks for keeping AQ going.


    Editor issues:

    – how can we switch to using tags vs using the “visual editor?”

    – blockquote didn’t do anything.  It indents the editor, but didn’t affect the previewed comment.


    I figure you’ll widen the comment display.

  5. More whiney fuss.  I don’t know WordPress or CM systems at all.  But this looks like a simple plugin (again, you’re probably ahead of me):



    It has an option to group comments by post.  e.g., a sidebar like the recent format, but grouping comments by post.  Then a post could get bumped to the top, like the old old format.  It might make it easier to keep a discussion going.


  6. Thanks for your efforts on our behalf, serv, you deserve a medal for what you have done.

  7. Thank you, Serv. It might take time to get use to it, but we are good at perseverance

    when it come to AQ, and nobody will abandon it. God bless you and your family!

  8. Testing comment posting from mobile:



    I guess it works…just gotta press and hold the text you want to format.

  9. Replaced comment system to make it more readable and user friendly. Adding a voting system on a trial run basis.

  10. Also updated the mobile layout – performs much better and the color scheme matches the website.

  11. Working on getting rid of syntax error on the new comment system. Would also like to be able to post pics and edit text etc.

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