Why Do I Post on Angelqueen?

There are many reasons. First, I believe the Founder shares many of my own views on the state of the Church and the world and that he truly believes in the “motto” – Purity and Tradition in Catholicism. Second, so far as I can tell, there is no “shadow organization” behind this endeavor or, to put it bluntly, no one pulling the strings so one traditional group has oneupsmanship over the other. Thirdly, I’m try to make up for my own failures as a father and Catholic since two of our children pay little attention to the practice of the Faith and most of my extended family is either novus ordo or worse. To summarize, I’m trying to make up for my own sins while God gives me the time to do so. I ask only for your prayers and indulgence. Thank you and God bless you all.

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3 comments on “Why Do I Post on Angelqueen?

  1. We all have failures, you are a good man and a Patriot. God Bless ! I will stand with you anytime !!!

  2. Oh phaley, you have my prayers.
    I believe you were the first to answer my prayer request for my little granddaughter Hailey. She is now 14 years old and is so special and devout.

    I only have one child, a son, and he is in need of converting.
    He goes to Mass because of his duty to Hailey, but he is not in the Sacraments.

    I believe the news and politics important here, but much more important is praying for each other and our loved ones.
    If you like you can check out this site. It is run by our Tim (timwhit)
    Mainly for the children (all ages) and whatever other intentions you have.
    God bless you, phaley.


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