Mrs. Niles Responds For Voris

I sent the link from Tantumblogo’s “A cry from the heart…” to several folks and got this response to the group:

“Since I was included in this e-mail, I’ll briefly respond: “Tantum” had the opportunity at any time to pick up the phone & call Michael Voris or speak with this so-called “funder” — both of whose contact information he has — but never chose to do so, so we question the sincerity of this “cry of the heart.”

His article is inaccurate, whether it’s about this “funder” (there is no “funder”), or the Vortex stats (all our content is aired on Vimeo, and stats show Vortex, Mic’d Up & our other content is more popular than ever), and no one at our apostolate, publicly OR privately, has ever “bashed” the Pope, so we reject his charge that there’s a double standard. One can express legitimate concerns about the Holy Father privately — as any faithful Catholic may do — without choosing to publicize his every misstep and scandalize the faithful.

God bless.

Christine Niles

Zelo zelatus sum pro Domino Deo exercituum”

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2 comments on “Mrs. Niles Responds For Voris

  1. Ms. Niles, God love her, doesn’t seem to understand what common logic would imply; Every time CMTV does a clip on the outrageous actions of Cardinals, bishops, priests, etc, they call attention to the fact that the man tasked with the job of leading is not doing his job. This fascination with – if I don’t “say” it – I’m not guilty is so sad as it pulls what could be a solid force for good into yet another source of confusion.

    IOW: CMTV’s actions are rather that they have not committed adultery because they only thought about it really hard. They’ve described the act, intimated that it should be done, extolled the virtues of thinking about it, etc, but they never “said” do anything. Good grief.

    That said, when someone’s reasoning skills are so diluted, even a “telephone call” would be met with the same brand of, “No, I’m not.” But even so, Michael Voris has had every opportunity to clear matters up, to include issuing a mea culpa for his own misdirection and confusing position flips. He has chosen not to, and that is why CM may be growing, but growing with what? Solidly informed Catholics who are truly a ChurchMilitant? Or a swelling cadre of idealogues, half formed for the purpose of keeping them where ChurchMilitant decides is best.

    Sorry, Ms. Niles, but the buck stops with Voris for his behavior. Your continuing to speak for him is only more bad advertisement of sadly broken policy.

  2. …”choosing to publicize his every misstep and scandalize the faithful.” If i may say so, Ms. Niles, any scandalizing of the faithful is being done by the very Occupant of the Chair of Peter himself and not by his critics. Silence in the face of heresy is not an option for us.

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