Will Internecine Politics Kill the GOP?

The only candidates for the Presidency that are even close to mirroring truly catholic ethics and morality IMO are within the GOP. But, instead of focusing on the enemy now in power the candidates seem intent on forming the proverbial “circular firing squad” and killing each other off. With babies being sliced apart for profit and, the latest being selling whole and intact fetuses, can you believe it, the GOP seems not to much care about the policies of the administration in power but about who gets “oneupsmanship” in the polls. This is absolutely ridiculous and a blight upon our culture and ideals as a nation. To quote an often-used saying: “We are better than that!” Or, we should be.

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2 comments on “Will Internecine Politics Kill the GOP?

  1. Gpmtrad said:
    “Reagan talked a good game but even after his tax cuts were inaugurated, spending, public debt and bureaucratic metastasis only continued to worsen.”

    And let’s not forget about his 1986 amnesty that gave 3 million illegal aliens de-facto American citizenship.

    IMO the Dem and Repub establishments are all basically one and the same. Illuminati and masonic controlled.

    Does anyone really see much difference between Hillary and Jeb?

    Even Donald Trump is no conservative,

    While I agree with him on securing the borders, cracking down on illegal aliens, standing up to the media, not being politically correct etc, he supported abortion, gun control and other “liberal” abominations.

    There is no doubt that there are a few Republicans (Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul) and maybe a few others that if were elected and given a free hand would help return this Republic to some of the good things the founding fathers envisioned.

    But that’s not going to happen.

    The puppets in the two establishment parties dance to the strings of their Illuminati masters, even while conning many Americans into thinking there is a difference between the two.

  2. This is an ideal spot to plug E. Michael Jones’ “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.”

    For an exhaustively researched and footnoted documentation of the book title’s role throughout American history, going back to before the Puritans even showed up here, that book is an absolutely essential reference manual.

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