Solidarity with the Local Bishop

Bishop Michael Sheridan of the Diocese of Colorado Springs is lending his presence to a Pro-Life Rally (Mass and Rosary) in front of the Planned Parenthood Clinic on Centennial Blvd as I write this. Although we have had our differences with him and his predecessor over their refusal to grant faculties to the Servants of the Holy Family, nevertheless, we stand with him on the issue of Life beginning at the moment of conception and the killing of innocent life being a horrendous sin. It’s too bad, really, that he takes issue with the Servants over their refusal to accept modernist practices in the Church but, as they say in the news: “that’s the way it is, folks.” Please pray for him, and us, as we continue our journey back to the Lord’s House.

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One comment on “Solidarity with the Local Bishop

  1. Charitably put and that’s just the way it is, right now.

    Without a clear call from the Vatican for eradication of the un-council and all its pomps and works, traditionalism will remain the red-headed stepchild of the Church.

    Soldier on, we must.

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