Remnant: “OCCUPY Vatican!” (Elizabeth Yore)

Occupy Vatican

Written by Elizabeth Yore

“This is a Machiavellian Pope. His encyclical is a very good issue for us progressives.” ~Tom Hayden, 60s radical, former environmental advisor to Gov. Jerry Brown

The echo chamber from the anarchists at Occupy Wall Street chanting ‘down with the 1%’ reverberates in the pontifical palaces at the Vatican.

Although the ‘60s radicals are greying, they are still around wreaking havoc. In 2011, they dusted off their Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, armed with Molotov cocktails, drugs, and revolutionary rage, and headed for lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park. Make no mistake, the Occupy Wall Street (Occupy) movement was fomented by socialists from the 60s, and
the civil unrest was choreographed by union thugs. Like all revolutionaries, their targets were the police, the banks, the government, and violence was their means of intimidation.

Every radical political movement requires academics to justify its existence. Occupy enjoyed its own fair share of university elites, who joined in the political theatre in a desperate attempt to legitimize the anarchists. Professors would drop by, mount a crate, spout off some radical platitudes about income equality, the evils of capitalism, and then genuflect at the altar of anarchism.

Occupy’s battle cry was “we are the 99%, we want our fair share from the 1%.” In between mass arrests for violent lawbreaking, the daily demagogic diatribe sounded the alarm of incessant class warfare rhetoric sprinkled with anti capitalism and wealth redistribution plots.

Curiously, the most visible, rabble rousing professor at Occupy suddenly surfaces, two years later, at the Holy See. Columbia University’s Jeffrey Sachs reemerges with his anti-capitalist rhetoric just in time for the Pope’s climate conferences. Obviously, this is a match made in heaven, since Pope Francis invited Sachs 7 times to the Vatican to mount the papal eco pulpit and preach, as the papal environmental expert and close advisor.

Watch Sachs in action at Occupy, as he excoriates “the 1% for wrecking the planet” and demands that “we want our planet back from the Koch brothers.” No doubt, the Vatican agreed with Sachs about the Koch Brothers and the 1%. Bishop Sorondo, the organizer of the papal eco forum’s echoed Sachs’ criticism. The theme of demonizing capitalism was constantly repeated by Sachs at his many appearances at the Vatican Environmental Conferences. The global warming myth provides the perfect cloud cover for the environmentalist’s anti capitalism political agenda. The climate alarmists’ real objective resides in redistribution of wealth, one global government, and the destruction of capitalism, a mantra repeated at the Vatican eco summits.

Sachs made several forays into the morass of filth at Occupy Wall Street to whip up the crowd with his anti bank, anti corporate rant. He observed that “Occupy Wall Street is crazy, and that’s part of the glory of it, as long as they get their hands on the reins.” This 60 year old prominent UN official, highly favored Vatican environmental advisor, is expressing the hope that the violent Occupy radicals and criminals “get their hands on the reins” of power. His shocking statement reveals the goal that the American economy and society will be positively upended and transformed by putting the radicals in charge. How disconcerting for Americans and Catholics, that Sachs serves as Pope Francis’ most valued environmental advisor, and together they are promoting the onerous socialistic UN Sustainable Development Goals upon the United States.

But there is much more.

The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (PASS) is the papal office where the Vatican’s environmental schemes are hatched. PASS appoints a number of intellectuals to its board. Among the papal appointees, is the U.S. economist, Joseph Stiglitz, and he, too, is a prominent speaker at the Vatican climate conferences. Stiglitz and Sachs double team as the American eco duo pushing the UN Sustainable Development agenda, at the behest of Pope Francis. Joe Stiglitz also enjoyed another past time, which he shares with Jeffrey Sachs.

Yes, Joseph Stiglitz also lectured the loons at Occupy Wall Street. Like an earnest leftist economist, Stiglitz understands the frustration and demands of the anarchists seeking to disrupt global markets and bring down capitalism, as they shout “we are the 99%, we want our fair share from the 1%.”

Shockingly, there are even more Occupy supporters invited through the bronze doors of St. Peter’s.

This past summer, leftist author Naomi Klein keynoted at another climate workshop at the Vatican. Klein, a self described ‘secular Jewish feminist’, also graced the Occupy stage. Ms. Klein lectured at New York’s Zuccotti Park, and warned about the evil “1%, who want to rob the poor and who love a crisis and want to stick the rest of us with the bill.” Watch the Vatican’s ‘climate expert’ while she spouts off the same sophomoric socialist harangue of the OWS street professors and their peons.

While at the Vatican, Klein lavishly praised the environmental message of Pope Francis’ encyclical. They are kindred spirits. Like other Vatican experts, Naomi Klein brought her radical brand of anti capitalism wrapped in eco activism to the papal court.

Surely, Klein enjoyed street cred with the Occupy anarchists and the Vatican since she protested the Keystone XL pipeline in front of the White House and she was arrested. The Vatican hates big oil and dismisses any critics of Pope Francis as “big oil interests.” Klein never passes up an opportunity to create or participate in a street demonstration. She even exhorts and whips up the crowd at the Vatican press conference:

Listen, too, to the voices of the hundred of thousands who will be on the streets of Paris outside the summit (COP21), gathered simultaneously in cities around the world. This time, they will be saying more than “we need action.” They will be saying: we are already acting.

A disturbing trend has emerged at the Holy See under Pope Francis. Advocating for eco driven socialism at Occupy Wall Street seems to be a prerequisite for an invitation to speak at a Vatican environmental conference. It appears that radicals are the favored faithful at the Vatican.

At the July Papal Mayoral Climate Conference, only leftist disciples, like Gov. Jerry Brown were invited to the meeting. Especially noteworthy in attendance was New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who prominently spoke at the Vatican forum. Not surprisingly, DeBlasio is another avid supporter of Occupy who visited Zuccotti Park. He praised the protestors as a”heartfelt movement that’s speaking to what people are feeling all over this country.”

Abbie Hoffman, the 60s radical revolutionary once said that “a modern revolutionary group heads for the television station” for publicity and affirmation.

In these days, they head for the Vatican. The radicals are occupying the Vatican.

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