Louie V: “SSPX, Voris, and sensus Catholicus”

SSPX, Voris, and sensus Catholicus

by Louie Verrecchio

August 22, 2015



As I am certain most everyone here already knows, Michael Voris (STB, no less) has graced the worldwide web with yet another rant concerning the Society of St. Pius X; in this case, as it relates to their stark warnings about the dangers of the Novus Ordo.

I’ve lost track of the number of messages and emails I’ve received from people, priests included, suggesting that they’re looking forward to my response to this latest Boretex.

Why me?

Yea, I get it, I suppose… Voris and I did that program on the SSPX back in 2012; before he was motivated to treat them as if they are the greatest threat facing the Church in our day. Maybe that lends some intrigue, but that was a long time ago.

I’d rather think that people are interested in how I’ll respond because I’m unbiased.

For one, I have no affiliation with the Society. I don’t frequent their chapels; I don’t routinely receive the sacraments from their priests, nor do I receive their spiritual direction, etc.

Furthermore, the content posted on this blog isn’t shaded by a need to placate any behind the scenes figures; i.e., no one bought a building for me; much less did anyone buy me for a building.

The approach taken to very serious matters concerning the Catholic faith here – not just by me, but by our commenters as well – is driven by just one thing; the desire to discover the truth.

Sure, we make room for levity here and there, and sometimes things get a bit heated and we veer a little off course, but finding the truth is the priority.

I’d also like to think that people visit this space because once that truth is discovered, I’ll do my best to deliver and defend it in the face of all attacks, including those that come from the very top; even if doing so comes at considerable cost (and I can assure you, it has).

On a closely related note, I think readers realize that none of us are complacent when it comes to such things; i.e., by necessity, we’ll roll up our sleeves and dig for the truth, knowing that it might not be what we presently believe or even what the men who have the duty of speaking in the name of the Church are telling us.

For me personally, I know that I don’t always get things right, but I’m not going to be whisked away by the undertow of someone else’s opinion when it comes to important Catholic matters; accepting their word as true simply because they wear a collar, or put a few letters after their name, or otherwise present themselves as some sort of authority figure….

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