Louis V: More Marshmallow Modernist Mumblings…


Vatican Radio is reporting that Pope Francis has announced the theme for the 2016 World Day of Peace.

Be prepared to get inspired…

Are you ready?

“Overcome Indifference and Win Peace”

Do you hear the angelic choir singing?

Nah, me neither.

According to a communique released by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace:

Indifference in regard to the scourges of our time is one of the fundamental causes of the lack of peace. Today, indifference is often linked to various forms of individualism which cause isolation, ignorance, selfishness and, therefore, lack of interest and commitment.

Among the individual “scourges of our time” listed in the communique are:

Fundamentalism, intolerance and massacres, persecutions on account of faith and ethnicity, disregard for freedom and the destruction of the rights of entire peoples, the exploitation of human beings submitted even to the different forms of slavery, corruption and organized crime, war and the plight of refugees and forcibly displaced persons.

Based on the entire body of work belonging to the present pontificate, one will hardly be surprised to learn that indifference toward Our Lord Jesus Christ didn’t make the cut among those scourges deemed worthy of mention in this purported peace initiative.

As for how the men of modern day Rome imagine peace may be attained, the communique suggests the need for “an increase of attention to the problems … accompanied by solidarity-based openness of conscience.”

Did you get that?

The pursuit of peace among men and nations will be fruitless, not without Jesus Christ apart from whom we can do nothing as those rascally traditionalists (aka Catholics) would have us believe, but apart from a “solidarity-based openness of conscience.”

What in the name of all that is good and holy does that even mean? ….

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2 comments on “Louis V: More Marshmallow Modernist Mumblings…

  1. “Among the individual ‘scourges of our time’ listed in the communique are: Fundamentalism”…
    Yeah, we know where this is going – towards those hard-headed Catholics who choose to follow the Faith, whole and entire, before the changes, those fundamentalists. What a crock of baloney spews from the pens of these nitwits.

  2. The Bishop of Rome should concern himself more with indifferentism than with indifference.

    May his reign be short.

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