Our Own Athanasius

About a month ago I submitted a post asking the question: “Where is the Athanasius for Our Time?” Since that time I have come to realize that we have an Athanasius for our time. He is Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Auxiliary Bishop of Astana, Kazakstan. The similarities are striking. Both men, the saint and the bishop, fought or, in the case of Bishop Schneider are fighting, virulent heresies – Arianism in the case of the Saint and Modernism in the case of the Bishop. Both were/are largely ignored by the popes and hierarchy of their time. But, the Saint finally was victorius in his battle and we have yet to see how the Bishop will fare in his. Both men, by the way, came from the East, a fact which cannot be ignored.

The question we must face is what is the present Occupant of the Chair of Peter going to do? Will he join Bishop Schneider in the battle for the “soul” of the Church or continue to preach theories borne of marxism, humanism and “liberation theology.” Will he win souls for Christ – teaching governing and sanctifying according to the traditional and perennial magisterium established by Christ and passed on from the Apostles? Or, will he continue on the path of universal salvation, salvation through other religions or salvation outside the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church?

The ball, Jorge, is in your court but time is of the essence and the final battle with the demons of Hell is looming at our doorstep. Which way, my friend, will you turn?

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5 comments on “Our Own Athanasius

  1. Colonel,
    You and I, and most everyone on AQ know the path Jorge will continue to take.
    Yes, the Holy Ghost could influence Jorge and get him onto the Catholic path of upholding the teachings of Christ and His Church, but I think Jorge is too narcissistic, while also being too comfortable and stubborn defending and promoting secularism, religious relativism, indifferentism, Marxism and chastising real Catholics to listen to the Holy Ghost’s counsel.
    I truly hope I’m wrong on that, but it would, IMO, be a miracle if Bergoglio suddenly started promoting and defending Catholic dogma and natural law.

    This trip Jorge is going to make to the USA has got me very nervous.
    Given his past comments, actions and statements I think Jorge is going to give comfort to the enemies of Christ and His Catholic Church while not sparing the rod against orthodox and traditional Catholics.
    The media and the “catholic” heretics like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, John Kerry and the rest will be hanging on every stupid and ambiguous word Jorge says which try to water down the teachings of the Church.
    While at the same time promoting his interpretation of “mercy” and “tolerance”, which go against the Catholic interpretation of the above,

    Then we have that evil synod to get through.

    Sorry for the long winded opinion Colonel.

    But I just don’t see Jorge choosing Christ and His Catholic Church over Marxism and the world.

  2. Saints have told us that as we lived, so we die.

    Disappropriating deeply set errors is a VERY big job. But not impossible.

    Although, the greater the reward in this life one obtains for his errors, the less possible it would seem to be, at least for most.

    Jorge does have the absolutely platinum card of grace of state, if only he’d pull it out of his wallet.

  3. For the Pope, the Bishops, the priests. God has for them special graces for each of them to fulfill their duties. However, no matter who you are, God has given everyone the gift of ‘freewill’. They can either freely accept those graces, or out of pride refuse them.

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