An Exceptionally Rewarding Story

I cannot do justice to what you will discover for yourselves by simply reading this brief but altogether moving article.

Trust me on this one. You’ll be very glad you did.

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2 comments on “An Exceptionally Rewarding Story


    On the edge of late September
    On the brink – October morn
    A yellow flower blossomed
    A tiny pumpkin born.

    Upon her family vine
    Umbilicaled at her birth
    Surrounded by soft sibling leaves
    Glee-green with merry mirth.

    And up above the father sun
    Who loves his wife, the earth,
    Assures his warmth when dark clouds come
    Rain grace round pumpkin’s firth

    And sibling leaves will vine this firth
    Graced-drafts they’ll drink, behold,
    God’s greatest gifts, the patient ones,
    Father sun, mother earth, pumpkin-GOLD!!

  2. Wow!

    What an antidote to the ruthless anti life culture of our day.

    We recently here in Australia had a news headline on TV that there was now a method by which couples could have only healthy children, with no danger of less than perfect babies being born. It turned out this was achieved by IVF and choosing only “perfect” embryos to implant. The media presented this as a wonderful breakthrough.
    Hitler and his doctors would have been delighted.

    So to see what real love and perfection is we need to look at The Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb. I can just imagine how Heaven receives the prayers of those “less than perfect” sisters. No wonder Scripture says “The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God”.

    What a beautiful story. Thank you so much gpmtrad for letting us know about this order.

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