Symbolism in the Mass

I remember a long time ago being taught that one side of the altar represented the OT and one the New. I don’t remember which stood for what. If the Old was symbolized by the Epistle or the Gospel side and vice-versa. I do remember that the Eucharist was the bridge. Does anyone remember this?

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2 comments on “Symbolism in the Mass

  1. From Fisheaters. I think this is about right. Our mass is so beautiful on so many levels. To bad so much of it has been lost.

    The Epistle side is the side of the Old Covenant. Before the Gospels are read the book changes side, to symbolize the New Covenant (and the rejection of the Jews) and the deacon faces the north (symbolizing a confrontation with evil, cf. Jeremias 1, 14). When the Missal goes back to the South, so I’ve heard, it symbolizes the end of the time of the Gentiles and the conversion of the Jews prophesied by St. John.

  2. Even if only apocryphal, it’s a very sound “explanation,” LP.

    Although, I’d not be surprised to find out that it’s spot on.

    Every sensible element of the Mass has a deep theological meaning.

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