The Heretic(?) Calls Us Names?

Allow me to say at the beginning that I have no direct knowledge of the name-calling by this heretic-pope and I’m using what has been reported by the media. It’s really worse that that as this link shows very clearly: As to his being a heretic materially, I think there is ample evidence of it and although he occupies the Chair of Peter, this does not necessarily excuse his actions if these reports are true.

That said, what are we to think of his purported name-calling. Are we self-absorbed promethian neo-pelagians, narcissistic, authoritarian, elitist, anthropocentric, immanentist, pickled-pepper faced christians, creed-reciting parrot christians, museum-mummies? Are our trad clergy vain butterflies, smarmy idolators, priest-tycoons? Are our trad seminarians “little monsters?” We must pray for this sad occupant of the Chair of Peter and resolve not to follow him in the name-calling business. O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.

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