Louie V: “Substantial” “New” Developments (SSPX/Rome) ???


SSPX and Rome: Substantial new developments

 Louie Verrecchio August 5, 2015  No Comments

Rorate Caeli recently published a translated excerpt taken from an interview of Cardinal Gerhard Müller that was originally published on the website of the German Bishops’ Conference:

Question: It has been strikingly quiet recently regarding the Society of Saint Pius X. Are the attempts to find an agreement suspended or postponed?

Mueller: Regarding this question, there is no substantial new development. The Holy Father wishes that we keep trying: “con tenacia e pazienza” – “with decisiveness and patience.” The precondition for a full reconciliation is the signing of a doctrinal preamble in order to guarantee a full agreement in the essential questions of the Faith. In the past months, there were encounters of different ways which are meant to strengthen the mutual trust.

While some may find in this exchange a reason for guarded optimism, there truly is nothing to be found here but bad news.

Let’s take a closer look…

First, let’s be very clear: The Society of St. Pius X does not deny even one, single, solitary article of the Holy Catholic Faith – not one. That their priests and bishops are denied jurisdiction is a profound injustice for which men like Cardinal Müller and his boss-in-white will one day have to answer before the throne of the Almighty.

In truth, there are no “essential questions of the Faith.” Matters concerning the essence of the faith are rather well known by all who wish to know, and to profess, the one true faith as the SSPX most certainly does.

In the Rome of today, by contrast, many “essential questions of the Faith” exist, such as:

– Are the Jews saved by virtue of the Old Covenant in spite of their rejection of Christ?

– How can Christian unity be attained for non-Catholics apart from their conversion?

– How many heretical communities are used by Our Lord as a means of salvation?

– Does the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ still exist?

– Does man enjoy a God-given right to choose his religion, and change it, according to the dictates of his conscience?

I could go on (trust me on that), but the point is simply this:

The only people that have “essential questions” concerning the Faith (such as those mentioned above) are those who are hell bent on behaving as if the Second Vatican Council effectively trumps all that preceded it. Such persons no longer hold the Catholic faith whole and entire.

The SSPX doesn’t have this problem; “Rome” does.

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One comment on “Louie V: “Substantial” “New” Developments (SSPX/Rome) ???

  1. Louie has nailed it with his comments. It is not SSPX that has problems with the Faith; it is the modernist hierarchy. Anyone with experience in the Faith prior to 1960 knows this to be true. The clap-trap the hierarchy continues to spin on this issue amazes me. How do they think they will be judged – by a Modernist? They had better get with Tradition and stop their nonsense before it is too late. And, by the way, it’s not just the SSPX but all the groups that spun off from them that deserve justice – NOW!

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