Do We Need Any More Evidence?

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I mean, come on folks, do we need any more evidence of collusion between corrupt politicians and the hierarchy than this photo of the Cardinal-Archbishop of New York and DiBlasio in front of the picture of the current Occupant of the Chair of Peter? Surely, we have met the enemy and it is us!

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5 comments on “Do We Need Any More Evidence?

  1. Our primary expiatory obligation as individuals is to make reparation for our own sins, first, and to implore mercy for the sins of our fellows, next.

    When the latter increases our fervency for the efficacy of the former, it is a bonus.

    Keep praying.

  2. Some rogues gallery ! The only thing missing are the numbers under their chin and the booking PD.

  3. I am not an American so I don’t know much about your politicians. But let me say that when I see a Prince of the Church posing with a block of cheese on his head I do find it hard to take him as anything other than a complete fool.

    And when this “complete fool” leads a parade with sodomites in it then I start to think he is a heretical complete fool.

    And when this heretical complete fool pals up to openly pro abortion, pro homosexual and anti Catholic politicians, then I conclude that this heretical complete fool is also a vain popinjay.

    • I grew up in Wisconsin, but never warmed up to the “cheese head” that’s become the favorite of Green Bay Packer fans. I don’t recall it existing when I watched the first exhibition game known as the “super bowl.” It makes anyone who wears it look stupid, so it’s perfect for the former archbishop of Milwaukee.

  4. Fidei said: “… I don’t know much about your politicians.”

    Actually, you just revealed that you know ALL about them! : – )

    And SOME of them actually hold elected office. The rest run dioceses.

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