Lessons Learned? I Think Not!

Over a decade ago, Fr. Paul Kramer of the Fatima Center gave a treatise on “The Suicide in Altering the Faith in the Liturgy,” which can be found at: www.fatimacrusader.com/cr84/cr84pg78.asp Well, one would think this warning would have been heeded by now and a return to the Traditional Latin Mass would have been mandated by Christ’s Vicar. Unfortunately, the opposite is the case and traditional priests, validly-ordained and situated in diocesan territory since 1977, have been denied faculties and jurisdiction by the local bishop. (www.diocs.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=vodXjPD6xzw%3d&tabid=58&mid=3350 for anyone interested).

Now, this post is not about those priests but about Church practice which denies faculties and jurisdiction to those who steadfastly adhere to Tradition and accept the authority of the hierarchy in effect up to and including the 1960s. By what authority are faculties and jurisdiction denied to these priests? Does not the supreme law of the church, the salvation of souls, and the doctrine of ecclesia supplet (the Church supplies in a necessity) apply in such cases? By what authority are some faculties provided and subsequently withdrawn almost immediately in such cases? What happens to the faithful who depend upon these priests and who are attempting to work out their salvation in full conformity to the laws of the church as they have known them since childhood?

I really wish someone in the hierarchy, preferably someone with expertise in canon law and experience at the the highest level of the ecclesiastical court system (like Cardinal Burke, for example), would respond to these questions with an eye to what the “Good Shepherd” would legislate and not another “you’re schismatic, disobedient and outside the church” type of lecture. We all know that the Church established traditional orders to counteract the influence of Archbishop Lefebvre and his followers but is this the right approach to disillusioned traditional Catholics the world over?

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7 comments on “Lessons Learned? I Think Not!

  1. In a word, no. It is not.

    As Canon Hesse, STL, STD of most felicitous memory put it, “The Church doesn’t DO things like that” in reference to establishing the FSSP, ICK, etc.

    But then, one has to ask “which” Church (even though there is only one) is still even Catholic, doesn’t one?

    Canon Hesse, whom I refer others to frequently, explained as a licensed theologian (which NONE of the majority of commentators from Brave New Church are) that the blasphemies and heresies contained right in the conciliar documents rom V2 eliminated their legitimacy as a valid “council,” which it was not. And, thus, my own frequent use of the term “un-council” in commenting on related matters.

    Furthermore, the “new” rite (which Canon Hesse regarded as heretical and schismatic insofar as it represented, as Cd. Ottaviani mentioned, a sharp departure from Tradition) was never legally promulgated.

    He thought that P6 was at least clever enough to realize that much and restricted his “official” approbation to saying nothing more than “here is a worthless new invention which I ‘invite’ priests to use.”

    They nearly all did simply because of either ignorance or ill-will with respect to Sacred Tradition.

    On Mudabor’s blog site today he argues that if 10,000 solid Catholics would gather at St. Peter’s and boo the wildly revolutionary “bishop of Rome” and call him out once and for all, that would do some good. Jorge’s long history of Nervous Ordeal atrocities have only continued since March, 2013.

    Anyway, here is a video that goes into some of the issues regarding the “in communion” Traditional societies formed since the 1988 consecrations.

    • Canon Hesse is firm in his belief that the Church provides in an “emergency” which I have termed “necessity” from the words of the 1983 code itself. That is precisely my point. But, I would still like to see this entire matter adjudicated fully in ecclesiastical courts at the highest level. Archbishop Lefebvre never received the justice he deserved and the Church at large is much poorer for it. Having said all that, do I really believe the Modernists will allow that justice to occur? Sorry, but I don’t think so.

      • No, they won’t. Ever. The only solution is the biological one.

        It is an enormous and thorny problem to get your head around. I still have great trouble keeping it all straight, except for the promise of Christ.

        Somewhere – in the middle of the dust cloud and thunderbolts – the REAL Church is in there!

        SSPX was founded to train priests to provide Sacraments. That it does and, so far, without being squashed, like the “in communion” groups, by Rome.

        And yet, I’ve heard FSSP priests level very strong criticisms of the NO rite and the idiocy that passes for “magisterial teaching.” So even they, and I think they are very good priests, are not sticking to the “deal,” Deo gratias.

  2. Whatever happened to Father Kramer, i heard he was a sede-vacantist now, is that true? Did he attend Father Grunner’s funeral or were they at odds when Father died? Is Father Kramer still active?

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