Ann Coulter Would Do Away With Immaculate Conception Feast

What a piece of work she is. She wants to be Trump’s head of Homeland Security but apparently does not think that Catholicism belongs in America.”…we are an Anglo-Protestant country…” Read what she says she would do with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Then take a look at her eyes. An Anglo-Protestant country, yeah, how is that working out for us?


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3 comments on “Ann Coulter Would Do Away With Immaculate Conception Feast

  1. There are some things I agree with with Ann on. Obviously this isn’t one of them! Yet she is a WASP. And technically she’s right about the USA being an Anglo-Protestant country.

    Sadly she shares the same anti-Catholic sentiments as many like her in my grandparents time and before. Whether she knows it or not she (and people like her) are just pawns for the Illuminati and the Masons to spread their satanic ideology.

    And since the hippy council the American bishops haven’t done anything to try to bring the USA to Christ the King. So they’re just as much to blame IMO.

  2. Her father was a Catholic. To what degree, I don’t know.

    I’ve grown very tired of her and her disrespect to the Church and the Natural Law.

    She is, I understand, pro-sod in “that neo-con way” those twits are “compassionate” toward that most rotten and miserable of sins.

  3. I have bought my last book by Ann Coulter.

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