Rise Up and Defend the Unborn!

It is time for all good Catholics to rise up and defend the unborn from the clutches of evil, dastardly men and women who run the abortion mills. Any Catholic worthy of the name knows that recent disclosures of the traffic in aborted fetuses, including those born alive, is an affront to Almighty God, the Author of human life.. We must tell anyone running for elected office that we simply won’t stand for anymore of the subterfuge and baloney that all this is being done in the context of “womens’ health services and fetal research.” The abortion mills must be closed down and the guilty parties must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws against infanticide and human trafficking. Our bishops won’t do the job so me must take the responsibility out of their hands.

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6 comments on “Rise Up and Defend the Unborn!

  1. Not disagreeing for a second with you, Colonel. You’re right. But if it happens it will be absolutely unprecedented, because….

    42 years after its PRACTICAL capitulation to the feminazis, the USCCCP remains a quivering tower of rainbow colored jello, doesn’t it?

    There have been a handful of bishops and cardinal archbishops who actually did put up a fight (or at least a pretext of one) but, institutionally, the record is abysmal.

    Decade upon decade it’s been the same old, same old.

    The latest atrocity gets press, gets lots of folks worked up and still…

    … nothing …..

    ……. ever ………


    • Rainbow colored jello is a good description of Tiny Tim.

      Yep, the bishops threw in the towel on abortion. It could have been easily stopped when the first outpatient murder mill was opened. Bishops could have led parishioners in a walking blockade. They could have excommunicated any Catholic cop or politician who took the abortion side. We could have hit the culture war at a head when the left was ramping up. But no. There were already too many pinko fag bishops working for the enemy, and many of the rest were weak. The Revolution in the Church was diabolically timed to prevent any opposition to the sexual revolution.

    • Patrick,
      There’s not the slightest doubt in my mind that there is collusion between a lot of the bishops and so-called Catholic politicians like Pelosi and Biden, to name just a few. If bishops used their extraordinary power of excommunication against these creeps, it might change things but they seem more interested in persecuting traditional Catholics than in dealing with these truly evil people.

  2. Yeah, it’s not a good situation and I concur with the episcopal complicity argument.

    I suspect that there was a broad PERSONAL objection by most, at least in the beginning, but political correctness, which has dominated the USCCCP ever since Vatican II, overwhelmed the useless conference. And as time went by, they became only more and more “correct,” at the expense of doctrine and the Natural Law.

    It could be argued that since Roe occurred under P6 that there was already a dark cloud over the management wing of the Church. Nevertheless, a few bishops did speak out. I’m not sure of his name but there was a bishop in Brooklyn that was arrested numerous times in front of mills in his diocese.

    As a body, however, the USCCCP – and ALL the “national conferences” – need to be abolished by a Catholic pope, some day.

    Until bishops report individually, with fear and trembling, during their ad limina visit and before a Catholic pope, this bureaucratic / diplomatic kabuki dance will only go on and on.

    I’ve seen reports that nowadays, and perhaps according to a policy change from Francis himself (?), bishops now remain seated when the pope enters the room.

  3. An excellent approach is to pray the Rosary at the mill. There are organized Rosary vigils around the country, but even one person praying can save babies.

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