Has Jorge Just Canned B16’s Personal Doctor?


Someone is working on a translation. I’ll try to add it later.

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4 comments on “Has Jorge Just Canned B16’s Personal Doctor?

  1. Can’t vouch for accuracy but here’s a machine translation….

    “The last spite of Bergoglio to Ratzinger: hunting his personal physician
    Dismissed without notice the chief physician who supported the canonization of John Paul II. Before he kicked the head of the Swiss Guards

    Sergio Rame – Tue, 07/28/2015 – 09:50
    Pope Francis fired without notice, Patrizio Polisca , the cardiologist of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI .

    The episode, not yet announced, but already made public by ItaliaOggi , may be insignificant, but it has very important political implications within the Vatican walls. Bergoglio, who right from the start he changed direction to the papacy, he blasted a number of heads to radically change the apostolic line. Some of these, however, appear in the eyes of the same Ratzinger unjustified. And the expulsion dell’archiatra, that since July 2010, also director of the Services of Health and Hygiene of the City State of the Vatican , is only the latest in terms of time.

    In 1986 Renato Buzzonetti, the chief physician who treated Pope John Paul II until the last moment, to want Polisca Vatican. Long is his right arm. So much so that it assumes a pivotal role in the process of canonization of John Paul II presided at the scientific commission that recognizes it as a miracle the healing obtained by calling the Polish pope. On ItaliaOggi Jasmine Foschi reveals not mince words: “The sudden dismissal by Bergoglio” the most surprising and very embittered Ratzinger, the pope emeritus, “especially since there seems to be a reason for this dismissal” .

    To Polisca is not the first action of Bergoglio on the “staff” of the Holy See. As soon as he became pope he did drop numerous heads. In a few cases, however, the dismissal appeared unmotivated. One of them is the head of the Swiss Guards, Col. Daniel Anrig Rudof that Bergoglio, hunted (without explanation) in late November 2014. “I decided that – would tell Pope Francis in a private audience – I have no intention of motivating or to return to the subject ” . A date has not yet found a new job. “The mysteries of the dismissal – says Foschi – weigh casting shadows on her while rich curriculum that seem to have become insurmountable obstacles”

  2. Maybe he is afraid of a coup and the reinstatement of Benedict. That would be something positive for a change.

  3. Interesting.

    The Pope who is the champion of mercy is apparently quite adept at sacking people.

    Obviously mercy has its limits.

    Accept of course with the homo brigade where we mustn’t judge.

  4. I’m sure Jorge will find a doctor that shares his philosophy, moral values and theological ideology.

    I’m sure his Malthusian buddies at the U.N. have given him some recommendations.

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