Sanctuary Cities

Those of us who are of the Catholic Faith know what the term sanctuary means in terms of our practice of the Faith. But the modernists have adopted the term to mean a place of refuge for illegal immigrants and this causes a big problem. If we have such places or “cities” for illegals what about those of us who are law-abiding citizens. Where is our sanctuary? In fact, where is the sanctuary for those of us who hold to the true Catholic Faith and Worship which was practiced for over two thousand years? Where is the sanctuary for those of us who while practicing our Faith still bear allegiance to the country which gave us birth and which sustains us to this day and, which is under attack today both from within and without? Will our politicians and our religious leaders give us sanctuary or throw us to the wolves? Will the Occupant of the Chair of Peter speak on these issues or will he concentrate on other more mundane matters? The questions deserve to be asked.

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3 comments on “Sanctuary Cities

  1. Unfortunately , I think we all know the answers. Wolves will feast !

  2. There are, of course, many “spiritual sanctuaries” for us who hold fast to the traditions of Holy Mother Church. One of these is the blog that we are on currently. Others are those places where the Traditional Latin Mass and catechetics are clearly evident and preached. But, in terms of the vast outside world and our physical security and safety we are clearly at a loss. We must depend on Our Lord and Saviour and His Blessed Mother to protect and defend us in the strange battle with the powers of darkness and the wolves that are yelping at our very feet. Of course, a few Smith and Wessons wouldn’t hurt.

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