Donald Trumps the GOP

Why is Donald surging in the polls? Because he trumps the standard-old Republican way of politicking – describing things in the way the common man would describe them and not apologizing for using that manner of speech. The old standard GOP politicians seem want to describe political realities in a soft pedalling sort of way, so that they won’t wake up their slumbering fat-cat contributors or, imply that they share the blame for what our country has become. . Donald doesn’t care about that because he has plenty of money and can say what he wants. The fact that the media and other Republicans decry his modus operandi just fuels his fire. No doubt the democrats fear him the most.

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One comment on “Donald Trumps the GOP

  1. It’s altogether amazing that the Liberals seem to have figured out the threat while the Republicans (in name only) seem intent on shooting themselves in the foot. Methinks it’s deep doo-doo time for our country and the Constitution. As for Mr. Perry, he said if the administration wouldn’t secure the border, Texas would. Apparently, he forgot the tremendous expense in doing so.

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