The Donald Finally Blows It
It was bound to happen, folks, when his tongue got in the way of his brains. His comments about the military and Sen. John McCain in particular have the potential of knocking him out of the race. That, coupled with his disgraceful views on abortion and other life issues, make him a candidate one loves to hate. Too bad the Republicrats have no one to step up to the plate.

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3 comments on “The Donald Finally Blows It

  1. Well, once again, EEOT gets a piece of the ball and dribbles it just down the third base line. They really need an in-service with AQ’s crack Comedy SWAT Team experts.

    I like what they’re trying to do but they need coaching.

  2. Trump surges in polls ! 24 %. vs Walker 13%. Bush 12% Pope and DeBlasio furious ! RINO Republicans seek to topple Trump Towers ! USCCCP fears losing grants for resettling illegal aliens. Dioceses will condem Trump from the pulpit. Cannot to afford to lose illegals in the pews or HHS Grant money for Human Trafficking! EWTN will run a Pacwa special with Fr. Pfleuger from Chicago on the Triumph of the Dope ! Vote for Trump and face excommunication, vote for illegals and gun control and get Plenary Indulgencies for the rest of your life. You will also receive a framable picture of the Pope holding the Hammer and Sickle Cross. Kissed by the Pope.

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