Did “Mod Squad” Try to Warn Unwary Catholics?

On the Weigel thread, nearby, the inestimable ECS 220 asked whether the eminently forgettable Weigel’s construct, “evangelical liberty,” could be surpassed as the epitome of, well, Protestantism itself.

And, since I went far afield in responding ( as usual ) I thought I’d just put the reply here, in a separate thread.

Nope, unless you want to ponder the anti-Catholic conciliarism of the Vatican’s own Mod Squad (i.e., our six-in-a-row ultra-leftist popes since Roncalli.)

Which, in the end, is pretty much what the boys down at the local lodge tap room have been shooting for all along.

Which reminds me, naturally, of a hit TV series from long ago.

Behold, Hollywood’s allegorical tribute to the “Spirit of Vatican II,” in which Michael Cole exhibits Brave New Church’s breathless race to catch up with the world; Clarence Williams III manifests “The Nod” ( at the 0:33 mark ) Roncalli gave to resurrected heretics to take over the 1962 theological revolution; and the scrump-dilly-icious Peggy Lipton brews up all kinds of steaming distractions to afford cover for the emergence of the feminazi as the ideal of neo-Kathlyck “femininity” – from the loftiest pontifical posts right down to the meanest parish council.

Ol’ Tige Andrews’ menacing glare ( at the 0:45 mark ) provides just the right note, as well, to which clerics and shepherds alike may tune their ecumaniacal kazoos whenever actual Catholics pester them with annoying questions about Tradition, morality, liturgical solemnity, etc… the look ( and its message ) which boils down to, “Drop dead, you integralist, counter-revolutionary, revanchist running dogs!”

The puddle-splashing romp at the finale nicely sums up the whole ecumaniacal enterprise, Keep running! “We have no idea where we’re going, but we’re certainly on our way!” ( credit, John Vennari, on Pope Benedict’s own ecumenical remarks. )

Grab a cold one and some chips, then sit back and enjoy the show, folks!

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2 comments on “Did “Mod Squad” Try to Warn Unwary Catholics?

  1. You can’t have a Mod Squad reference without a Link…

  2. You’re right, ECS. Tige’s stare must have flummoxed me straight into involuntary forgetfulness.

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