Where is the St. Athanasius for Our Times?

St. Athanasius who lived in the 4th century was Bishop of Alexandria and he stood nearly alone in defending Tradition against the heresy of Arianism by popes, emperors and others in the hierarchy during his time. We have today, it seems, many in the hierarchy who are willing to speak about such things as the rights of man, concern for the poor, even ecology, “global Warming” and, of all things, our diet???. But where is that person in the mold of St. Athanasius that can turn the tide against the sea of apostasy and the heresy of Modernism that we face in the 21st century?

St. Paul confronted St. Peter to his face but where is that person who will confront Jorge to his face? There is at least one community which stands for Tradition and it has been publicized on this blog (Editorial: Radicati nella fede, June 2015 angelqueen.org/2015/07/09/our-dedication-to-tradition-must-be-total-we-cannot-settle-for-anything-less/) but where is the hierarchy?

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7 comments on “Where is the St. Athanasius for Our Times?

  1. You can bet it won’t be the likes of such wimps as Bishop Fellay who is salivating to make a deal, which is sickening and far beyond my understanding as to why with this pope, or Cardinal Burke who needs to resign and then speak out. The only two men that I can think or who are courageous enough to do it are Bishops Tissier and Williamson. This man, Francis, has to be stopped. He is the most dangerous man in the history of mankind who, in this era of mass communication, is deliberately and is able to destroy whatever is left of the faith.

  2. Both Bishop Tissier and Bishop Williamson are heroes in the defense of the Faith.

  3. Comments bring up the interesting but foreboding question as to who really is the Pope and Vicar of Christ in our times. Is it really the person who now sits in the Chair of Peter or has the Holy Spirit someone else in mind – someone who will be revealed only when the Second Coming of Christ is at hand? It strains credulity to believe that Jorge is the one because he does not, it seems, have any ties to Tradition but who are we to judge? The worst sinners have been changed into the greatest saints, even popes and those who claim to be. I, for one, am glad that we have traditional priests who ask no quarter and give none in the fight to retain the Traditional Mass and sacraments, no matter which buffoon appears to claim the papacy.

  4. Mes ami, Francis is the pope. He won the international socialist beauty pageant and accepted the title.

    That’s all it takes. Period. Fini. (The peanut gallery gets no vote in these contests.)

    Look up Benedict IX (a depraved teenager), Paul IV (a psychopath) and Alexander VI, whose infamous deeds were not confined to an earlier version of Bill Clinton as Maximum Leader: Al “legitimized” the birth of his natural child, Lucretia Borgia!

    Don’t let the dingbat, wing nut theories of the BLEEPS! sway any of you into becoming just another garden variety schismatic, no longer a member of the Church – the consequences, which are de fide, are entirely serious.

    Remember, the REAL Head of the Church is its Divine Founder. Popes are merely temporary vice-presidents. Even though the current one makes even Joe Biden look like a great statesman and sage by comparison.

    • Mon Ami, it’s one thing to have the title and quite another to act the part. I still believe the Holy Spirit has another thought in mind, and quite possibly, another “surprise” in store.

    • As bad as those guys were at least they didn’t try to change the dogmas of the faith to appease the world like this third world Marxist moron is trying to do.

      But yeah, you’re right. Jorge is the pope unfortunately.

      But I empathize with Phaley’s point.

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