Cardinal Dolan asks Pope Francis for Cuban cigars

Source: NY Post

Cardinal Dolan asks Pope Francis for Cuban cigars

Holy (Cuban) smoke!

Timothy Cardinal Dolan is a cigar aficionado who has his eye on a large clandestine supply of Havana cheroots.

His Eminence, a guest at a breakfast last week hosted by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, laid out how Pope Francis accepted his invitation to New York, John Aidan Byrne reports.

The Big Apple is a significant side visit tied to the Holy Father’s attendance at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, and part of his six-day whirlwind US tour starting in DC on Sept. 22.

He’ll be touching down in DC after his stop in Cuba. “Which is good,” quipped Cardinal Dolan, “because I’ve asked him to bring me cigars. … They won’t search his bags.”

Francis accepted the Philly invitation when he was elevated to pope 2¹/₂ years ago. And he might now owe Dolan, touted as a papal contender.

His Eminence, recalling the Holy Father’s election in Rome, reminded the suits: “I remember that at the Conclave when I turned it down and he got it, he accepted the invitation.”

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3 comments on “Cardinal Dolan asks Pope Francis for Cuban cigars

  1. How about an exploding cigar?

    in XTO

  2. I dunno. Maybe it’s just the weather but for some reason I’m feeling generous, today.


    Anyway, if it’s true that Rollin’ Rollin’ Dolan IS a cigar fan, that’s actually good news. Bl. Pius IX had a cigar factory built for his convenience in Vatican City and St. Pius X smoked cigarettes; sometimes he’d mooch one off a Swiss Guard on his way into a papal audience. And Roncalli smoked Winstons (whereas I’ve read that Benedict XVI likes Marlboros.) John XXIII at least defended Latin and he did can Bugnini (although Montini brought him right back.)

    And the lines about using Jorge as his “connection” and the conclave weren’t too bad, either.

    Credit where due.

    Maybe we should contact His Emen-ensity and invite him to become a member of AQ? We could assign Howl and ECS as comedy consultants to him, and hey!, a little contact like that might turn a couple things around, y’know?

  3. Ausgezeichnet, Mein Herr! Vielen Dank!

    Haben Sie ein Feuerzeug?

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