Are You Ready for An Excedrin Headache?

This post concerns the subject as to whether we can get rid of a heretical Pope and is based upon the text at:
If you read the text at the aformentioned link you may get the headache mentioned in the title of the post. You see, the Church never wants to depose a Pope and goes through enormous pains to avoid doing so. Nevertheless, the option does exist and may have to be utilized in the case of the current occupant of the Chair of Peter.

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3 comments on “Are You Ready for An Excedrin Headache?

  1. The collapse of the Faith and morality is now so vast that it would truly require an enormous miracle of grace, something on the level of Guadalupe (with the conversion of millions in only a few years), to alter the present trajectory.

    How few churchmen have spoken up, so far? Even the much-applauded (but strongly conciliarist) Raymond Cardinal Burke has not called for a tribunal to be convened – yet.

    Were that to change and the good cardinal to go on the offensive, then the stature and quality of qualified authorities necessary to bring Bergoglio to justice “might” embolden a sufficient number of colleagues to demand a trial.

    Were that to occur, the next hurdle would be to actually get the required number of cardinals to go along with that demand.

    And that’s a whole ‘nother problem.

    Billy Jack remains a merely fictional character.

    Bergoglio represents the point on the continuum begun centuries ago with the ascendancy of progressive modernity. At long last, lib/mod/apostate Catholics have their true and “best-est ever” champion.

    And his varsity cheerleading squad is the college of cardinals.

    Under both canon law and ecclesial realpolitik, their fraternity is the only structure that can legally make the necessary decisions to ask this pope to reconsider and to reverse himself publicly, or resign.

    And I just do not see any of that happening. Not soon. Not ever.

    This pope might resign (he’s hinted at it), anyway. But be certain he and his consiglieri already have yet another radical waiting in the wings for if and when he does so.

    Welcome to Stalingrad, comrades. (Care for a little A-1 sauce to go with your broiled rat?)

  2. Until the sheep (pew sitters) decide they have been fleeced enough, the clown stays. Only a severe revenue drop will cause the cone heads to get rid of Jorge. What ever happened to Pope Benedict? He was at deaths door. Miraculous recovery ??? Bring him back before the synod .

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