Traditional Catholics of the World, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains This, of course is a take off from the text of the Communist Manifesto but it applies equally as well to the fractured state of Traditional Catholicism in the 21st century. With traditional orders of clerics and both bishops and cardinals bickering about matters non-essential to the Faith, we find ourselves in a rudderless ship wondering if the waves of modernism will overcome us. It is long past time to worry and fuss about things not in our control and take care of those things which are in our control. We have the means, we have bishops, seminarians, churches, chapels and oratories at our disposal. We can say to the Modernists that we will retain the traditional Mass and sacraments and they can just go jump in the lake.
Now, I’m not going to name names here. That’s not what this is all about, but the cardinals, bishops and priests concerned know who they are. Some have what is called jurisdictional authority; many do not. Some operate under the concept of supplied jurisdiction in a necessity; others simply go their own way. Some are members of the church hierarchy to this day but prefer not to get entangled in arguments with their contemporaries. But the clear and unambiguous fact is, unless they act and do so promptly, things will just keep getting worse. Our Lord before he ascended to Heaven prayed for the Unity of His disciples. Can we do any less? Remember, the Modernists are united in their attempts to eliminate the vestiges of Tradition in the Church. Are we going to let them?

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One comment on “THROW OFF YOUR CHAINS !!

  1. I just want to make it clear that I am not a “bleepist.” I believe that Jorge was elected as Pope but I do not believe he is acting as such. He may be the Bishop of Rome but the Vicar of Christ? No, I don’t think so. God works in sometimes strange ways and maybe this is one of those times. Perhaps there is someone among what is called this fractious group of Traditionalists that the Lord will reveal as the true Pope. Perhaps he will cause Jorge to have a massive change of personality and embrace Tradition. I don’t know. But I do know we must uphold Tradition and fight Modernism with every ounce of our strength and that includes members of the Church who have given up that fight.

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