Martyrology-June 18th
Roman Martyrology-June 18th- on this date in various years-

At Edessa in Mesopotamia, St. Ephraem, deacon of the church of Edessa in the time of Emperor Valens and confessor. After suffering many trials for the faith of Christ and gaining great renown for holiness and learning, he went to rest in the Lord. He was declared a doctor of the Universal Church by Pope Benedict XV

At Rome, on the Ardeatine Way, in the persecution of Diocletian, the birthday of the saintly brothers Mark and Marcellian, martyrs, who were arrested by the judge Fabian, tied to a stake, and had sharp nails driven into their feet. Because they would not cease praising the name of Christ they were pierced through the sides with lances, and thus went to the kingdom of heaven with the glory of martyrdom.

At Malaga in Spain, the holy martyrs Cyriacus and the virgin Paula, who were overwhelmed with stones, and yielded up their souls to God.

At Tripoli in Phoenicia, in the time of the governor Adrian, St. Leontius, a soldier, who attained the crown of martyrdom through bitter torments together with the tribune Hypatius and Theodulus, whom he had converted to Christ.

The same day, St. Aetherius, martyr, in the persecution of Diocletian. After enduring fire and other torments, he was put to death with the sword.

At Alexandria, the passion of St. Marina, virgin.

At Bordeaux, St. Amandus, bishop and confessor.

At Sacca in Sicily, St. Calogerus, hermit, whose holiness is shewn especially in the deliverance of possessed persons.

At Schongau in Germany, St. Elizabeth, virgin, celebrated for her observance of the monastic life.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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