Both in Washington, DC and, sadly, in our beloved Church it appears nincompoops are in charge. Why do I say this? Well, the latest from DC is that El Presidente is sending 450 military advisors to IRAQ to stem the tide of government troops throwing down their weapons and running away from the ISIS onslaught. In Rome, we continue to hear absolute heresy preached by some of the highest-ranking prelates in the Catholic Church while the Bishop of Rome says such things as: “Who am I to judge” to journalists on an airplane flight. Some observers have said this proves that Satan is, indeed, the cause of all this diabolical disorientation and is the one really in charge. I don’t buy this theory and in this essay I’ll tell you why.
Before I begin, some might say: who in blazes are you to speak on such matters? Well first of all, I served in Vietnam at DaNang AB, (described by one of my superiors as the most disaster-active airbase in Vietnam) during the TET offensive of ’67-’68 and saw first-hand the absolute lunacy of dealing with an enemy who did not believe the US would do whatever it takes to win the battle. I have a total of 34 years of goverment service both as a civilian and member of the Air Force Reserve. Secondly, unlike another Phd who uses the internet regularly, I received an honorary Phd as the result of a curriculum vitae that reflects both formal training (St. Michael’s), universities (No. Colo) and experience from the “school of hard-knocks.” It seems that the balance lies with the school of hard-knocks, especially today, with the counter-culture that is being foisted upon us.

We lost many of our valiant soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines to a cause which the American people, we are told, did not support. What they did not support, I maintain, is the shedding of blood without the will of our government to do whatever it takes to win. Fighting to a line, supporting corrupt dictators, imposing unrealistic “rules of engagement” on those being fired upon – all of these are the reasons why some of us returned to our shores to experience the disdain and outright disrespect of our fellow citizens. In Rome, we are told that Tradition in liturgy, practice and belief reflects a schismatic attitude and we must accept the errors of those who pushed a modernist agenda at Vatican II. Those who refuse this siren-song are summarily excommunicated and categorized as either “not in full communion or not having canonical jurisdiction.” Two valiant defenders of Tradition (Lefebvre and De Castro-Mayer) who have steadfastly “held to the traditions handed down to the apostles,” as commanded by none other than St. Paul, Apostle of the Gentiles, and who have gone to eternal rest are to this day described as having “left the faith” in the list of Catholic Hierarchy published as

Are the right people running things today? The right people – Barack Hussein Obama and Jorge Bergoglio? Are the military commanders today willing to tell El Presidente: NO! No more, if you put us in combat we will use whatever resources are necessary to win and will not accept any “rules of engagement” that tie the hands of those on the front lines. Are the bishops and cardinals willing to tell the Bishop of Rome that we will not accept nor impose any restrictions on those who follow Tradition in liturgy, practice and belief nor will we force the people to follow modernist rules and changes imposed since 1962? You see, dear friends, we have it within our power change things using prayer, the grace of God and the intercession of the saints. I was brought up to believe that obedience is a virtue but false obedience is a sin. It sems to me that there are some young people who are beginning to see the truth – that our supposed leaders have lied to us and need to be replaced.

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  1. Missing from the nincompoops, I mean, bishops’ statements concerning priorities was any mention of the salvation of souls, the supreme law of the Church, the decline in church attendance and the overwhelming disbelief among Catholics in the Real Presence since 1962. I’m offended that more time was not devoted to these topics. And, yes, sarcasm intended.

  2. Thanks, Patrick, and a tip of the hat to the marines who have lived the call of duty, honor and country throughout our nation’s conflicts. We owe them so much..

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